A yellow living room always looks warm and sunny. This is a perfect choice for rooms with little natural light. If your living room is bathed in sunshine much of the time, so it only emphasizes rich golden hues.

Yellow is the symbol of joy, summer and warmth, it occupies a leading position in the favorite color list. US designers use it for modeling narrow and small spaces, decorators – for making monochrome colors more interesting, psychologists – for the treatment of depression and stress. We will reveal the secrets of sunny shade beauty and share original yellow living room design ideas.

Bright sunshine in your home.

Yellow color in the living room interior is the universal design solution, because you can experiment with this cheerful shade:

  • Make a light background of the room interior by using different decorative materials of light yellow shades – straw, corn, melon, pear. Non-standard solution can be walls decorated with yellow ceramic tiles, wooden boards or sand-colored brick. Such a not trivial idea may be perfect for ​​urban and ascetic interior design 2020 – loft, high-tech, minimalist, industrial style.
  • Saturate a space with bright color – decorate walls with colorful clock scoreboard, paintings of sunlit meadows, patterns and ornaments, where the dominant colors are yellow shades. The saturated splashes on a light background can be different decor items of saffron, amber, lemon colors – figurines, vases, photo frames, pots with flowering plants.
  • Dilute the cold shades with warm sunny colors. Warming yellow color in the living room interior will serve as a home artificial luminary. The easiest way to saturate a room with natural light is the use of furniture and decor items of saffron, lemon or sand colors.

Many faces of yellow color palette.

Yellow color may be perfectly combined with almost all rainbow spectrum. An exception may be only an orange hue. The confrontation of two similar colors in palette tonality may ruin the perception of the whole interior. If you like bright orange hue and prefer to use it with yellow, you can make a few touches of orange in the living room decorating 2020:

  • Place a bright orange-colored rug on the floor, finished with any dark brown or gray rich material.
  • Decorate the accent wall with a small tangerine mural.
  • Put a delicate pumpkin color vase on the coffee table.
  • Use some cushions, made of orange-yellow fabric.
  • Set a bright orange floor lamp near a comfortable chair.

The correct combination of yellow with other shades in the design makes it possible to create an inviting atmosphere, where all the family members will feel comfortable themselves.

It is important to choose the best design companions for yellow based room. We have selected the most organic and versatile color combinations, suitable for modern living room 2020 popular in the USA and UK:

Yellow and brown living room.

The brightness of fiery yellow color can perfectly temper the brown shade. If you like acidic shades of yellow, like lemon or chartreuse colors, the beautiful composition will turn out only in the case of its tandem with brown, bronze, brass colors. The glut of bright colorful tones in the interior can spoil the overall impression of a living room in the final renovation stages. An ideal ally for the sunny color may be a coffee upholstered sofa, chestnut furniture, terracotta curtains or coffee table with a dark brown wooden top.

Light yellow living room.

A living room will become a real paradise in your home, if you use bright yellow wallpaper for walls decorating, white paint for finishing the ceiling and floor, beige textiles, pearl decor details. A space decorated with magnificence of light yellow interior items will be much larger than it was before the beginning of renovations. To avoid bright colors merging together, losing their charm and brilliance, it is necessary to bet on a contrasting composition. For example, milk color wall, bright yellow sofa and lightweight linen curtains.

Yellow and blue living room.

Only blue color and its derivatives shades (royal blue, azure, navy blue, turquoise, cornflower blue, sapphire) can fill the hot summer atmosphere of a living room with hints of freshness and coolness. Sea-themed collages created of many different postcards or photographs taken during the cruise, applications of blue fabric, natural materials, painted in heaven or cobalt color will look contrasting on the background of pale yellow walls.

Yellow and purple living room.

This contrasting bright combination can help to decorate a living room with colorful touches, create a warm atmosphere in the northern room, lighten dark areas. Bright yellow shades are incompatible with saturated purple. Imperious purple color can become dominant in the interior, overshadowing with its grace the light yellow color background. So follow with the proportions of 1/5 to create the living room interior in yellow and purple colors, where a large part should be shades of sunny color.

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