5 Easy Steps to Design Your Pool. Lap pools designs.

New-look lap pools tick all the boxes, so why not go ahead and take the plunge? Our 5 Easy Steps to Designing a small lap pool in a small backyard will have your dream a reality in no time!

Lap pools for small spaces. You might dream of owning a swimming pool for fun and fitness but don’t think it’s possible because you have limited space. Well, think again. There are fabulous small space pool alternatives specifically designed to fit into unusually shaped or narrow areas.

One of the most popular options today is the lap pool. This Is the smart new kid on the block in swimming pool design. Driven by customer demand from those with small blocks and large water bills who want to cool down, do laps and enjoy poolside play, savvy pool designers have created a range of styles that tick all the boxes.

Long and lean
Lap pools designs-
Lap pools are generally long and narrow, but some are finished off in an L or T shape.

To maximise your swimming space, steps are typically positioned in an alcove. The Idea Is that the steps don’t protrude into the pool, allowing you to utilise the whole area for swimming.

They can also be designed with swim-outs which are perfect for children to splash about – the kids can play there quite comfortably while you do your laps.

There are many options and features that can be integrated into the design to give your pool a true lap pool feel, including deeper areas at either end of the pool to allow space for tumble turns. You can also have lane markers. These add an authentic feel to your lap pool and If you enjoy doing laps. It really is the finishing touch.

The practicalities Size, of course, is an important consideration. If you will be using your pool to swim laps, it needs to be a minimum length so that you can reap the aerobic and fitness benefits.
5 Easy Steps to Design Your Pool
At the very minimum. I’d suggest eight metres. But while pool length Is important, width Is another story; It only needs to be a minimum of 1.5 metres wide, although some can be up to two metres wide.

So where to put your lap pool? They can fit just about anywhere. If you have a long and narrow space running down beside your home, it can be the perfect spot for a lap pool. Homes with water views and grassy, unused strips of land in front look fabulous with a lap pool. Residential blocks of land with long narrow V-shaped spaces or corners lend themselves to the Inclusion of a lap pool.

Think creatively Perhaps you have a usable narrow strip at the rear of your deck area? That’s also a great option, suggests Jason Barry from Cascade Pools. If you are into entertaining at home, your pool can be integrated into your entertaining space, If glass pool fencing is fitted, it opens up the space and visually connects the areas.

Want to make your lap pool more family friendly? There are many features you can incorporate to make it a great pool for the kids. Kids love deck jets; they can have a lot of fun playing with the spouts of water, Or you might like to add a sheer-descent water feature with a bench underneath It; kids love playing there, too.

If you have a limited area and you want to create the visual illusion of more space around the pool. Planters against the boundary. It adds depth and opens up the space.

Saving space

Lap pools are rapidly becoming the pod of choice for those homeowners with smaller blocks of land, whether they’re used for exercise or cooling down. Some lap pools even include a spa. which is the perfect spot to unwind after work or on weekends.

Because lap pools are smaller in size, and carry less volume of water than a traditional pool, they can be easy to build above ground. Clear glass walls or windows look stunning in an above ground lap pool, adding a fun element You can watch others splash about and when its not In use. the pool becomes an interesting focal point of the garden’s design.

Lap pools are a stylish, practical option for anyone who has a restricted or awkward outdoor space and as they’re smaller than a traditional family pool, they often come with a more conservative price tag. Just like other pools, lap pools can be fitted with the latest range of energy-efficient measures and designer features, such as an infinity edge.

Design ideas

With lighting, a lap pool becomes a water feature that can be enjoyed year-round. One way to do this is with custom LED lighting. LED lighting with remote control creates different moods. It really comes down to your imagination and how far you want to go; there’s virtually nothing you can t do.

To give a lap pool a contemporary look, finish the interior surface with glass beads or tiles. Glass beads give the water a cool, shimmering effect, and pearl-finish tiles are also popular for the same reason. As for colours, if you want a crisp, clean look, use blues and greens, even white.

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