No matter whether your home is located on the tropical coast or it is just a dream, you can always make the atmosphere of the sea paradise with the help of special design.

Bedroom tropical style is defined as natural and exotic design. It is directed to the relaxation, comfort, simplicity and hospitality. This interior direction incorporates motifs of the country style design, as well as other natural styles.

This interior style is not very popular in the UK and many European countries, but is widely used in the USA, especially in the southern states, where climate itself allows to create incredible design ideas.

Simple ways to create tropical bedroom design.

Blue and green.

When talking about tropics, the first thing that comes to mind – water and plants. The entire spectrum of blue and green colors is great for this style, from soft pastel to colorful and acid shades, which are so popular in USA in 2020. It is possible to paint walls in one of these colors, and pick up some accessories such as vases or paintings. It is also appropriate here to use a hint of coral, such as rugs.

Tropical leaves.

Nothing plunges into the atmosphere of warm island as palm leaves. If tropical plants do not survive in climate, where you home is located, find a way out – choose interior items with tropical design.

Tropical walls decoration.

An extraordinary, but really great option to bring a sunny day and the tropical mood in your home – paste tropical design wallpaper over one wall. Wallpaper should be bright and stand out. It will be too much to use wallpaper on all the walls.

How to decorate the walls?

  • Hang themed pictures on the wall such as closeups of palm fronds or jungle animals;
  • Unusual masks create an exotic atmosphere;
  • Light airy curtains on walls may add some texture;
  • The collection of vintage bird cages on walls will look perfect within tropical interior.

Practical flooring.

Since the tropics are characterized by high humidity, wind and a lot of sand, so flooring in such buildings is always practical. All the materials that are easy to sweep and wash, for example, bamboo, bricks or tiles can be used for the floor decorating.

Tropical style furniture.

  • Basic materials for furniture in the tropical style include: dark wood, leather and wicker furniture;
  • Over-sized furniture is typical for this design direction;
  • Plush upholstery will improve the comfort level;
  • Lightweight wicker or bamboo furniture is complemented with large and heavy constructions for the interior balance.
  • Leaves may be upholstery pattern.
  • Wrap the furniture with mosquito net or pale cloth.

Furniture surfaces and additional decor should be natural, and therefore slightly coarser, such as the trunk of a palm tree or coconut. So you should reproduce such a roughness in the textures.

Furniture made of bamboo and teak will perfectly fit a tropical bedroom. It will finalize the desired style.

Furniture may be supplemented with natural print textile, island themes and cane motifs.

Tropical style highlight.

If you want to use a tropical style in a bedroom, you should keep in mind the main highlight – canopy beds. You can buy in the USA a ready-made canopy of mosquito netting or make it yourself. Make a canopy of a simple fabric, attach it in the middle of the ceiling and tighten at the edges with the help of hooks on the four bed corners. The most romantic place in your tropical bedroom is ready.

Important accents.

For giving a bedroom the chic and original atmosphere you do not need to get hung up only those elements that resemble the tropical theme. They need to be diluted, for example, with metal figurines or paintings. And do not forget about products of seashells.

Wicker chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps will look interestingly. You can use a ceiling fan instead of chandeliers, which helps considerably better to cope with the heat in the summer. Thanks to this fan, air is circulated well and its pleasant noise creates a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, this is a great accessory.

Brightness in bedroom decorating.

The textile spectacularity may change your interior beyond recognition. A saturated carpet with a bamboo sprig carries you mentally to the tropics. Try a variety of decorative cushions, they can express a refined style of tropical paradise. If you do not want to change the cushions design, just add a couple of the tropical style. Do not forget that the range of colors should be combined with the whole bedroom interior, such as a green bamboo leaf on a rug and elegant sofa cushion.

Tropical bedroom decoration ideas 2020.

  • Large plants, such as palm trees, are a good choice if there is a low table. They can be also placed on the floor;
  • Create a lighting for plants below to maximize their visual appeal;
  • Use wicker baskets as a storage idea for small home items.
  • Place a collection of smooth white stones in a carved wooden bowl.
  • Use high candles of warm colors.
  • Arrange a collection of books in the ragged leather bindings on the shelves.

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