The spring, summer and early fall are the perfect seasons to spend at your summer cottage in the USA. With the help of inexpensive tools and materials, you can transform your ordinary terraced house’s backyard into a fairy-tale garden, an impetuous range of flowerbeds, or an elegant park with sparkling fountains, sophisticated statues and mosaic paths. It’s a pleasure to chill with your family on the terrace in the evening, enjoying the picturesque landscape that may even include a small man-made pond. Your neighbors will also find it hard not to appreciate and comment on your beautiful backyard adorned with hand-made decorations.

The Floral Symphony: Unusual Flower Beds And Gardens.

Laying out a few flowerbeds is the easiest way to make the backyard of a terraced house cozy and homely, especially if you manage to achieve a bright, eye-catching composition that is blooming throughout the warm seasons. It doesn’t require vast imagination or high-level skills; even a beginner or amateur landscape designers will be capable of setting up several groups of flowerbeds: either in adjacency to the house and terrace or across the perimeter of the entire backyard. Let’s view several unusual variants that can truly be called masterpieces of decorative art in 2020, if executed properly.

  1. A floral vehicle is a luxurious idea, in the opinion of several USA and UK landscape designers. As the backbone of the project, you can use a small old car, motorcycle or even bicycle. Cover the horizontal surfaces (and vertical ones wherever possible) with a net filled with nutrient-rich soil. For the floral carpet to be cheerful and reminiscent of a blossoming meadow, employ short skirting plants or ornamental clambering plants.
  2. A house of flowers – that’s what your terrace or even the entire building can be transformed into. Decorating the structure with many cachepots containing bright ornamental flowers is a neat way to reach this goal. Any low-maintenance, hardy clambering ornamental plants will suit for decorating the walls. A good choice is to utilize petunias. A little soil and regular watering are all they need to gladden your eye with pompous blossoming.
  3. Miniature flowerbeds created from old footwear or household items. As an original flower planters, you can use a pair of old bright children’s gumboots, a semi-tumbledown designer shoe, a half-broken jar, or a damaged wooden water-butt. Certain creativity and taste are required to implement this idea properly; otherwise, your backyard may appear as a hoarder’s shelter. The familiar items will be breathed a new life into and continue being useful, although in a decorative sense.

Stylish Topiary Bushes For Terraced House’s Backyard.

Creating fanciful figures from the bushes that grow around your terrace is a beautiful and non-standard idea of adorning your backyard in 2020. The most advanced owners of suburban cottages don’t even need to hire a gardener – they prefer to DIY the beauty with the help of a pair of pruning scissors. The art of topiary is fairly simple: you’ll just need to learn how to use simple garden tools and have a bit of imagination.

Question: What species of bushes and trees are best for a backyard topiary?

Answer: Several options are popular among USA and UK landscape experts:

  1. Box-tree is a popular topiary bush. Creating a decorative arrangement of this plant, keep in mind its branches grow pretty fast. This means, you’ll have to carry out a major shearing twice a year.
  2. Yew is equally suitable for a topiary garden, which is easy and even pleasant to care for.
  3. Holly is perfect for creating a green fence (a hedge), which allows for zoning the backyard or framing the terrace.
  4. Staff tree is another good idea for the green hedge, the more so it only needs your attention during the warm season.
  5. Dog tree is suitable for creation of the most unusual, complicated figures, but the fast growth of its branches means you’ll need to perform the cutting quite often.

Question: What tools are necessary for topiary work?

Answer: Everything you need is easy-to-use and affordable:

  • a saw for removing the thickest branches and brushes;
  • lopping shears for cutting the branches that are difficult to reach;
  • a brush cutter is an irreplaceable tool for the canopy’s formation;
  • pruning scissors for more precise and neat cutting of shoots and thin branches;
  • a garden knife is an incredibly useful, multi-purpose tool.

Question: What are some tip for an amateur topiary artist?

Answer: If you’re a beginner, don’t take up complicated projects that require precision and skills. Opt for simple, compact, unpretentious shapes: spheres, cubes, pyramids. The distance between two neighboring plants should exceed 30-45 inches, so that it’s convenient for you to care for them and trim the growing branches. Store your tools sharp and in a dry place – and the gardening work will bring your nothing but pleasure.

The Magic Beauty Of Sparkling Streams

Nearby a stream of sparkling running water is the most appealing place in the summer heat. Pools, ponds, man-made streams and fountains are not only beautiful, but functional as well. Splashes from the fountains dew the surrounding plants and freshen up the air, while a pool is a true salvation from the scorching sun.

A glittering DIY fountain is a piece of art that will look amazing in the backyard of your home in USA. A small one can even be placed immediately on the terrace to delight the ear of the occupants with its melodious murmur. Creating a fountain does not require a lot of time or money, but this decorative solution instantly makes your backyard appear more classy.

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