A living room is the main space in the whole house. Here US homeowners and guests spend most of their time. It demonstrates a sense of style and taste. Therefore, even a small living room has to be created depending on the temper, requirements and personal habits of homeowners.

The living room layout and interior with a small area have to be designed with a multi-functional purpose. The successful combination of unique ideas will easily provide a harmonious and comfortable space on a small area.

General guidelines for small living bedroom layout.

  • Keep a distance between furniture items at least 30-35 inches, otherwise a living room will look cluttered and overloaded, and the movement will not be comfortable.
  • A sofa is always the main attribute of a living room. It may come as an angled construction or usual solution. It is a rest place for home residents and visitors.
  • A sliding door wardrobe is a necessary attribute of many living rooms. It is better to use mirrored doors design, which visually enhances a room space.
  • Small living bedroom design should have clear and contrast emphasis.
  • A TV set can be placed on the wall with a special bracket. Thus, a large space will be saved, which had to be given for a cabinet.

Small space separation.

In most cases, the living room has a lot of tasks and responsibilities. Most often, it performs several functions. In order to combine organically a rest area and a dinning place you need to plan effectively the space and resort to the room zoning.

The room zoning is a nice way to enlarge visually the area of ​​a room and make it more functional. For zoning a living room into two or more functional areas, you can use a variety of options:

  • A relaxation area can be identified with the help of local lighting, lighting of paintings and niches that will give a special atmosphere of comfort.
  • The kitchen and living room combining can be an excellent solution of space increasing, which is often used in the USA.

Small space design ideas.

Manipulations with the configuration of the ceiling and floor height and correctly placed furniture significantly change the design of not a big living room.

Wall decorating should be lighter than the ceiling. Too low ceiling can be visually changed with the help of the tiered ceiling creation and correct lighting, which will give the room a feeling of air fullness and increase the comfort of space perception.

Color choice for a small living room.

Colors are often chosen according to the comfort idea of homeowners. The main selection aspect will ensure that the color of the whole interior should have one general design idea. Choose a basic background and complement it with supported colors or make a contrast.

Black-white interior is rarely found in compact apartments. But the right balance of white and dark can be an unusual way to extend a place. If you decide to use this option for your home design, be aware that a room needs to be almost empty, pure white and dark items have to be reduced to a minimum.

To decrease the contrast use other not very bright colors. This may be a gray-beige or purple carpet that will bring a soft coloring in a renovating room. Designers like to use additional red shades or other vivid colors to highlight different elements of the interior.

Monochromatic color decorating options are really popular in 2021. An interior in grayish tones is more cute and suitable for the premises, decorated in a modern style. Pick up the pleasant color scheme of gray and use additional two – three lighter or darker shades. Grayish color blends greatly with gray-blue or lavender shades. If walls are decorated in light grayish tones, so choose furniture of a darker gray color without pattern.

For the monochromatic decor it is extremely important to make the right lighting. It can be table or floor lamps of silver shades. Silver and gray look perfectly with a huge mirror that will add some extra light.

Small space design tips of professionals.

A low living room will seem slightly higher with:

  • vertically striped wallpaper;
  • wallpaper right to the ceiling without a snow-white stripe on the wall.

A living room will look visually bigger with the following decorating ideas:

  • One wall can be decorated with pastel shade wallpaper, while other walls are arranged in the brightest colors.
  • Paint or wallpaper have light colored small patterns. The living room design with a small space will be less beautiful with the using of diagonal or large ornaments. Saturated colors decrease the area.
  • Linoleum or laminate should be stacked by a longitudinal stripe along walls to the window. A living room with a transverse stacking will seem even smaller.
  • Parquet with the herringbone or deck stacking visually increases the space of a narrow elongated room. When using parquet boards it should be noted that narrow floorboards expand a room, while the wide ones conceal it.
  • The glossy texture of stretch ceiling will optically increase its height, visually expanding the space due to reflected light.

Small interior style direction.

In recent years, the styling of a living room with a small space is created with a combined interior directions, using new and old design styles together. In 2021 US designers successfully cooperate a common traditional style with modern electronics or equipment.

Unique ideas and techniques are combined with unique traditional styles and modern comforts to provide tastefully decorated and comfortable interior.

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