A guest bedroom is one of the most complicated space in the apartment. You need to work hard to make it quite functional and do not overload it with furniture. And if this bedroom is also small, the problem seems utterly impossible.

The complexity of the guest bedroom design is that this room has several different purposes. Of course, a guest bedroom should fit ideally to accommodate all the guests visiting your home. If you like to gather guests and celebrate holidays, you can not do without a coffee table and a variety of seats.

And still a guest bedroom is the relaxing place. It should be comfortable for everyone. Typically, there has to be a sofa and TV in this room, where the all the family members and their friends could gather to watch a movie, chat or play board games.

Use some recommendations for a small guest bedroom design.

  1. First of all, think about a number of guests that will visit your home in order to determine the necessary number of seats. Actually, on the basis of this number, it is necessary to choose furniture for the guest bedroom.
  2. For special premises you need special furniture. In this case, it is better to choose a corner modular options. This applies both to the cabinet and upholstered furniture. Because, for example, a modular sofa takes up much less space and you can place it in a variety of ways.
  3. The storage function should be put on other rooms in order not to lose this already little space. But if there is no alternative, then use all the niches inside upholstered furniture, set on the whole length and height of one wall a wardrobe with mirror finish and perform the floor lifting on a small height in order to make the original design and drawers installation.
  4. Do not overdo with furnishings, place only the most necessary. And still, try not to clutter up the room center with furnishings. In general, US designers advise not to place the furniture along the walls. However, in the case of a small bedroom this way can be quite normal variant.
  5. Isolation of functional areas in a small bedroom is possible only with a visual notation in a single space. Any folding screens, curtains, barriers that are created by the furniture should not be here.

Several styles and decoration ideas for a small guest bedroom.

Decoration ideas in the Kitsch style.

  • The small guest bedroom interior can combine the progressive stylistics and philosophy of universalism, that is why the internal space can be designed with playing contrasts. This direction is called kitsch.
  • Its distinguishing feature is a tandem of expensive classics and tasteless attributes. For example, expensive brocade curtains can be cascaded fall from windows and sparkle on sunlight, and in the middle of the room a metal table on wheels may be placed.
  • As additional decorative elements may be used pottery and porcelain figurines. On the bedroom walls can be hung quite ordinary reproductions of paintings by famous artists.

Decoration ideas in the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style attracts with its minimalism and pristine beauty. There is nothing superfluous, that is why it is admired. Scandinavian style implies that the quality is much more important than quantity, so its restraint is wonderfully intertwined with the minimalism and elegance.

It is considered as one of the most simple style. For this direction many US homeowners have to overcome the habit of cluttering up their rooms with unnecessary things and a variety of trinkets. The important thing in the Scandinavian style is the practicality.

The color scheme is minimized, which allows to create a versatile background. Most often the choice stops on extreme white. Due to this there is a feeling of space. The using of a limited decor number and straight lines may help to create a tidy guest bedroom, which looks warm and cozy.

Decoration ideas in the High-tech style.

Initially, the high-tech was used solely for decoration of offices, industrial premises and buildings. Then it gradually seeped into private houses and apartments. Style attracts consumers with its strict geometrically correct simplicity, the lack of lurid decorative elements and a plurality of straight lines.

At first glance it may seem that the minimalistically furnished guest bedroom will look gray and squalid. However, this is not true. Carefully selected color accent, correctly designed and installed light reflecting from shiny glass and chrome elements will fill the guest bedroom with spaciousness, air and shine.

What are the latest technologies in the bedroom design and how to apply them in the interior? These are elements of the “smart home”: multi-functional devices with a remote control, sensors, climate control and movement (turn on and off lights as you move through the room), remote opening and closing of doors, window blinds, alarm system and home security control.

Most often, the interior in the style of high-tech is mostly preferred by active, keeping up with technological progress, young people who use a large number of modern technological devices in everyday life.

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