When a boy reaches the adolescence, parents need to think about new bedroom design for him. Of course, there is no need to invest too much money in it. You need to consider that this age will pass very quickly and possibly tastes of teenage guy will also change. Also it is very important to choose the right design for teenage guy, because his proper development and mental health depend on it. But what to do, if you have to make the design for the room with small dimensions – 10-12 sq. m. or even less than this? Actually, even with small bedroom you can make a nice and interesting design for teenage guy.

Basic Requirements.

At first, you need to determine the main requirements for a teenager’s room in the United States:

  • comfortable place for sleep. It can be a sofa or a bed with orthopedic mattress. You should buy a longer bed, because the child grows up very fast in this age;
  • place, equipped for study. It is necessary to ensure the sufficient amount of shelves and drawers. Don’t forget about the ergonomics – the height of table must correspond to the height of chair. The table must be wide enough and long for comfortable studying. It is important to select the table with smoothed edges to avoid different injuries. The chair must have a backrest with adjustable height;
  • good lighting. One chandelier must be on the ceiling and also you can place two lamps: on the table and near the bed for comfortable reading;
  • spacious wardrobe, which must fit to the room dimensions;
  • color scheme. Considering that it is teenage guy bedroom, you should choose appropriate colors, such as aquamarine, gray, blue, brown, maroon, purple or green. Contrasting tones will have especially nice view. You can use the following color combinations: white and black, brown and orange, emerald and gray and others. Also it is recommended to choose light shades for walls. It is always a pleasure to have a rest in the light room.

Design options.

It is important to heed the preferences of teenage guy during the selection of design for his bedroom. In such way parents can demonstrate not only their love, but also respect to son as an equal member of the family. It is really important to give some freedom in actions at that age. Of course, this freedom must have certain limits. Therefore, parents must suggest and help their son to choose the best option for the teenage guy bedroom in the USA.

By its nature, teenage guys are researchers, they always want to learn something new and to conquer the unknown horizons. You can decorate the room in some interesting thematic style, considering the preferences and hobbies of teenage guy. Such a creative atmosphere will have a positive impact on his development.

Bedroom For Traveler.

This is really nice option, if your teenage guy is a young traveler and loves geography. The color scheme in such bedroom will have the appropriate clearance – colors and shades of the sea, different wooden elements. Considering that the bedroom is small, you can use bed with retractable drawers, loft bed and folding table. These elements will help you to save the space in the room. As an additional place for storage of clothes or different other things, you can use a chest. Also you can create the atmosphere of travel using wall maps, globes and boats figurines.

Bedroom of Sportsman.

This thematic bedroom can be decorated in any color scheme, including the colors of favorite sports club. In this case it is important to listen to the preferences of your teenage guy. Also you can place the appropriate attributes of “sports” bedroom – posters and flags of the favorite team, if the owner of the room is engaged in sports – various sports equipment, balls, rackets, helmets, T-shirts. Of course, everything should be in moderation, considering the small dimensions of bedroom.

Musical Bedroom.

If the teenage guy is fond of music and plays on some instrument, the most suitable option is the musical bedroom. The room of young music lover also must have some thematic things. In this case you can fill the room with posters of favorite groups and albums, music tools (guitar, synthesizer). The interior for teenage guy can be decorated in natural shades, such as beige and sand colors, pale green or light blue. Also you can make bright accents with the use of orange, red, yellow, turquoise and brown colors.

Classical Bedroom.

Classical bedroom have to be decorated in restrained colors – brown, gray, beige and white. Furniture should be wooden with fabric or wooden headboard. In addition, elements of decoration (for example, curtains) can have checkered or striped pattern with ornament and embroidery. Also teenage guy classical bedroom design can have some “bright spots” in the form of photo frames and shelves for books. This kind of bedroom design will be suitable for diligent and inquisitive teenage guy.

Minimalist Bedroom.

This design option will be perfect for small bedroom with the most essential things. It will be suitable interior for very serious teenage guys, who appreciate accuracy and orderliness. This bedroom has really simple design – light gray or white color scheme or its variations, sleek furniture and simple wall decoration.

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