A bedroom for couples is their private space, the place where they want to stay together in their own little world. Sometimes couples prefer to combine a bedroom with a private office, a library and even a walk-in closet.

But what about those couples who have a small bedroom? How to create a cozy bedroom with maximum functionality, if its area is too small for the majority of design projects? There are some small bedroom design ideas for couples, which will help to create a comfortable place with maximum free space.

What interior items are the most necessary for couples?

  •  Storage system for wardrobe of both spouses, for bed linen and so on;
  • A beautiful set with luxury bed, bedside tables;
  • Technique for creating mood and relaxation, such as LCD.

Extra hangers and storage hooks should be abandoned. Bed linen and other home stuff can be stored in internal beds drawers, which will save some space and make a room ergonomic. For comfortable placing clothes couples may use a corner wardrobe, which has a ceiling height.

A comfortable niche can be placed on the wall. It can store those items that are usually placed on the bedside table. As a rule, there is enough space to move between a bed and opposite wall . On this wall can be placed a traditional attribute of bedrooms – LCD. As a result, all these facilities and decisions perfectly fit into the concept of minimalist style.

Wallpaper for creating a romantic atmosphere.

Well-chosen wallpaper can help to create a bedroom of your dreams in the US. With the help of wallpaper you can bring romance and serenity in this room or make a special place of self-expression.

The correct wallpaper color will create a romantic atmosphere and even can enlarge a space. Pastel colors are the best choice for any bedroom, including a bedroom of a young couple. Gentle light colors help to relax, have a beneficial effect on mentality, do not bother. There are many romantic interior ideas in pastel colors. With the help of wallpaper in different shades of the same color the interior zoning can be easily realized. So you, for example, can allocate a zone of the dressing table or work area in a bedroom.

Play with patterns and proportions. Wallpaper stripes give the illusion of bigger space. Some couples may like the combination of different striped wallpaper directions. This is probably the easiest way to bring chic without spending much effort.

Although it is not recommended to use bright wallpaper for a small bedroom, but it would be appropriate to use wallpaper with floral pattern. Floral patterns look especially beautifully on a light background and if there are some potted plants in a bedroom.

The central object of the bedroom design.

It is hard to argue with the fact that the main element of any bedroom interior is a bed. And if it is a bed for a couple, it will certainly be a double. A double bed has a few functions. The main is to provide the relaxation. Therefore, this furniture item is sure to be convenient and comfortable.

Typically, a window is located in the short wall and door – on the opposite. So, the only right decision – to place a bed with its headboard at the long wall. In order to improve a bed functionality, it is better to choose a model with drawers in the bottom for storing bed linen and other stuff.

It is great if there is enough space to place a bed in the center of the room, so each of the spouses can have equal walk access at a sleeping place. Such an arrangement will emphasize the role and importance of a bed in the room.

Stylistics of the spouses bed should also fit the overall bedroom design. There are many furniture options in stores – in the form of a circle or heart, the traditional rectangular shape. The main thing – to choose not a huge item.

Let’s light up a bedroom.

A special lighting way should be present in a small bedroom for couples. For enlarging a space and giving a romantic mood it may have several levels and functions.

Beautiful central chandelier is a strong stylistic accent, so it is selected based on the interior orientation: chrome and glass for high-tech style, crystal and many details for Art Deco, wood for Eco-style.

Table lamps from bedside tables should be replaced with mounted lamps or an antique floor lamp, located in the far corner of a room.

Do not forget about natural light. If a bedroom has one large or several windows, they should be definitely arranged. The combination of airy tulle, light curtains or blinds will also play a major role in the regulating of bedroom lighting level.

Design styles for different tastes.

Modern styles are perfect for small US bedrooms, such as high-tech and modern. Most young couples like them a lot. But these styles are less romantic, than, for example, ethnic styles, such as Scandinavian or Provence. At the same time, high-tech and modern are more convenient and practical due to the fact that a bedroom for young couples is not just a place for sleeping, but for study, work place and even guests reception.

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