Every little girl wants to grow up and have her own space. When the girl becomes a teenage, she wants to surround herself with “adult” things. Therefore her bedroom should be furnished appropriately – according to her age. Your daughter will not appreciate such traditional attributes of childhood, like wallpaper with ducks, bears or cartoon characters. She is almost an adult, so parents have to understand this during the selection of small bedroom design for their teenage daughter.

Aspects, which should be considered.

It is really difficult to select design for small bedroom in the USA, but actually it is also a good place for creativity. In girl’s bedroom design parents should consider the following:

  • Comfortable bed for complete rest.
  • Cupboard and bed must have appropriate dimensions. Considering that the bedroom is small, the best solution will be transformer furniture.
  • Light curtains and big mirror.
  • Choose light tones for the room’s decoration.
  • Bedroom should be well lighted and ventilated.

It is important to heed the preferences of girl teenager during the selection of style for the bedroom. Because she will spend most of time in this room, so she has to like it. The most popular bedroom styles for teenage girls in the United States are Provence, romanticism and eclecticism – the mixture of different styles. But there is no need to choose the specific style for girl teenage bedroom, because, basically, it is the room for girl with immature taste. Therefore let her choose, what she wants and at the same time try to prompt some other variants unobtrusively, if she will offer something completely irrelevant.

The сhoice of сolor.

Let’s get rid of stereotypes – not everyone likes pink color, as well as not everyone likes to eat in the morning and take a cold shower.

It will be nice solution to decorate girl’s teenage bedroom in light colors of the sky. Lights shades of blue color can visually expand the room, making it more spacious. It is really nice place to spend most of time, and especially, to relax.

The green color is also quite relaxing and peaceful. But at the same time the interior, decorated in green color, compels to communication and more efficient brain work. It is not necessary to make the room completely green, you can just combine some items, labeling the main focus.

Another one nice solution is to perform bedroom in yellow tones – in colors of old gold, saffron, pear, lemon or corn. In this case it is recommended to take slightly muted shade of yellow as a basis and make bright accents in pear or lemon tone. Yellow colors create the atmosphere of joy, also they evoke the feeling of warmth. In addition, the use of spot lighting will fill the room with light maximally.

Also you should pay attention to fruit colors. Bright and juicy atmosphere with the use of peach, tangerine, pumpkin and apricot colors will be really suitable for teenage girl’s small bedroom. The interior of girl’s bedroom, performed in orange color, compels to communication. In addition, this color is not so aggressive, like red.

The color of sea beach is a calm and pleasant shade, which will help to relax. Light tones in most cases represent simple and comfortable minimalism. Soft contours and calm shades will create a perfect atmosphere of comfort.

Furniture arrangement.

The proper furniture arrangement is very important for the design of small bedroom (with an area up to 10-12 sq. m.). The main task in this case is to use all possible ways to increase the area of bedroom visually. Thus, it is recommended to remember the following advice’s:

  • instead of several shelves, you can use one rack;
  • use curtains and textile without large drawings;
  • if you use laminate or parquet board for flooring – lay it diagonally;
  • wallpaper with horizontal with horizontal pattern will visually enlarge the area;
  • you can place a big mirror in bedroom;
  • discard the dark walls and a large number of pictures in the room.

Also it is recommended to decorate girl’s bedroom in different colors, combining the main tone with neutral shades, such as beige, golden, white and others. The most suitable for small bedroom will be pastel colors. Bright tones you can choose for bedspread, vase or pot for flowers. Bed for teenage girl bedroom must be single and located as far away from the room’s entrance as it is possible. Table must be placed in the most lit area of the room. Also you can choose an integrated furniture with table, drawers, shelves, where it will be convenient to do homework and store all school supplies and books.

Cabinet must be big enough to accommodate all outfits of little fashionista. You should place the cabinet in a corner or along the narrow wall. In addition, cabinet can have mirror doors, so girl will have the opportunity to check her appearance. Stretch ceilings will be good solution for the room with uneven ceilings. Only one chandelier will cope with the lighting of small bedroom.

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