Rustic is an offshoot of the style Country. It emerged due to the attempts of USA interior designers to recreate the atmosphere of rural cottages in urban dwellings. In rustic bathrooms, roughly shaped wooden elements combine with contemporary lily-white bathtubs and wicker laundry baskets. The color palette is usually light, with abundance of beige and wood.

Modern rustic bathroom ideas.

The style Rustic allows for fine combinations of rough, unpolished wooden or stone surfaces and comforts of a modern home. The rural style’s awkwardness and the elegance of contemporary elements will make your bathroom bright and individualized. The main features of modern Rustic in the bathroom context are listed below:

  1. The beauty of natural stone. While the ample presence of wood in rustic interiors is the classics, natural stone is the element that introduces the true rural charm. Stone is the component you need in a modern bathroom interior to create a good balance and strong aesthetic appeal. Stone-finished walls in combination with wooden flooring and ceiling will create a compelling ambiance, differing the bathroom from all other parts of your home.
  2. A rural vanity. It’s a major bathroom constituent that influence the perception of the interior. Pick up or DIY one that appears natural in the rural way: it may include tree trunks with bark as the legs, and eroded wooden panels, topped with an antique washbowl. Complement it with a mirror in a copper frame for a splendid rustic-looking bathroom interior.
  3. A bathtub of copper and stone. Freestanding bathtubs have been reappearing in many modern US homes in recent years. Today, designers have taken it a step further than legs in the shape of lion legs, introducing laconic floor-standing bathing tubs. Contemporary stone and copper tubs with art decor and vintage features combine perfectly the old and the new, the rural and the elegant. In the sunshine or under a bright lamp, the copper tub becomes an attractive focal point of the interior. They say, if you plunge into a bathing tub made of a proper combination of metal and stone, it will improve both your mood and health.
  4. Textured walls. Weather-beaten materials, plaster or brick walls, rough timber beams and stone finishing are examples of contrasting textured and natural materials that dominate over artificiality in modern rustic bathroom interiors. All these surfaces are able to transform an ordinary contemporary bathroom into a cozy space conductive to daily spa and wellness procedures. A palette of warm, earth-like colors is a must for a design project focused on creating a fanciful rustic bathroom veiled with a vintage atmosphere. If you cannot do without bright tones, see that they are lusterless and applied finely.
  5. Metal and glass lamps. Since styles such as Rustic and Loft were both created with a focus on down-to-earthiness and practicability, they work well in combination with each other. Thus, loft-inspired chandeliers and wall lamps made of roughly forged metal and decorated with glass are great at leading various textures and colors into the interior. In a rustic-styled bathroom, the abundant presence of natural light is by no means unimportant.

Rustic small bathroom ideas.

A rustic interior is a perfect solution for small bathrooms, choosing from country-related styles. Compared with Country  Proper, the style Rustic clearly demonstrates its proneness to minimalism, which works in favor of a small bathroom space. A country interior would require a vast variety of decorative items and textile, thus encumbering the room and making it appear even smaller. A rustic interior, on the other hand, is an embodiment of the following concept: maximal free space, minimal unnecessary items.

Illumination of a small rustic bathroom is what requires your careful attention. Since the style does not allow neither for glazed tiles nor for mirror ceilings, arranging the lighting fixtures properly is your only way of making the room visually larger. A single large chandelier in the middle of the ceiling should not be your choice. Prefer wall lamps, and position them lower than usual, perhaps in the corners. The lamps may imitate streetlights or antique night-lights – the thing is they should be bright and eye-catching. A couple of such lamps will allow you to frame the ceiling with contemporary spotlights, which will be virtually unseen in company of the vintage fixtures.

DIY rustic bathroom ideas: decorations & accessories.

Rustic is favorable to DIY decorations and accessories like no other interior design style! It requires no elegance or sophistication, so your DIY project will be welcome even if you boast of modest creative skills. Any natural material you have at hand will do: wood chips and chops, tree trunks and branches, autumn leaves, chestnuts, acorns, dried summer flowers, etc. If you’re skilled at wickerwork, your handcrafted items will be extremely welcome. A brief list of the most easy-to-DIY rustic decorations is given below.

  1. An on-wall arrangement of round timber chops.
  2. A candle holder made of an old metal soup ladle attached to a worn-our wood plank.
  3. A candle holder made of a rather long round timber piece (preferably with bark). Cut two-three blind holes in the trunk, put it horizontally on a table or shelf and plant candles in the cuts. For safety reasons, it’s reasonable to treat the wood with a fire resistant agent.
  4. Square or rectangular flower pots made of rough, weather-beaten wood planks.
  5. A DIY wall clock based on a large round timber chop.
  6. A floor mat made of small thin round wood chops coupled together.

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