Assuming the outdoor kitchen is supplied with electricity there are plenty of ideas of lighting the whole space. Of course, a sophisticated US designer may go for a romantic style using torches, lanterns and candles both for cooking and dining areas, but this would limit the cooking process only to a daytime. Better adjust the kitchen with the electric lamps for cooking and the dining table would be lovely with candles in glassy containers and torchlight’s. Everyone has to be careful with the open fire both inside and outside and never leave it without attention.

Outdoor kitchen lighting would depend greatly on the type of it’s roof. If the cooking area does not have a cover then hanging, string or portable lamps are the only options, but it still leaves a variety of possible solutions. Hanging lights may be adjusted to the metal pole over all the surfaces, but if the strong wind rises it may become a bit dangerous, so the smaller spot-like lamps are more safe. They would be fixed more firmly and the only thing to be considered is the height – they should not hinder in the way but also have to be accessible may they need maintenance.

Planning outdoor kitchen lighting goes easier with a durable cover atop the cooking surfaces.

 Spot lights are popular nowadays in most of the kitchen interiors being convenient and money-saving, but those who wish to preserve some unique style of their outdoor space better avoid the simple ways. An exhaust hood would allow to hide some of the spot lights and for the other surface table lamps with the flexible necks can be used. They look best in modern US kitchen islands matching the shine of the metal with stone surfaces.

It would be wise to plan lighting so that lamps could be easily removed or covered, since at times even roofed kitchens are not fully safe from rains and strong winds. Electrical outlets that are used for lamps should be of a closing type, but there is another interesting and Eco-friendly variant – torches on sun batteries. Of course, putting the whole kitchen to the sun battery supply may be rather troublesome, but individual details are easier to bring to Eco-friendly life. Such torches of all the shapes and sizes are usually sold in the gardening markets or can be ordered via Internet and can replace candles for the sake of safety. They can be used only in a sunny seasons with longer daylight hours, since they require time for charging. It is better to attend that these torches are exposed to the sun all the time during the day.

Landscape lighting can be merged well with the design of the outdoor kitchen. They may be used on the way from the cooking area to the outdoor dining room or just surround the whole places. This illumination gives little light for reading or cooking, but creates great atmosphere for dancing or resting around the fire pit. Landscape lighting may also be put around the most beautiful parts of the garden to emphasis the joy of spending your evening outside surrounded by the results of your work. The fire pit is another way to illuminate outdoor kitchen and it also gives warmth. The sound of wood cracking in fire creates the perfect mood for the outdoor rest.

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