The world’s most popular remodeling projects always concern the kitchen. The second world’s most popular remodeling deals with the outdoor kitchen. Due to the survey taken in recent years by Patio and Barbecue Association, the US citizens spend almost $200 billion annually on different home redesigning programs. The third of this amount traditionally goes for the outdoor area constructions.

The main reason why kitchen is taken outside is a desire to have meal in the fresh air. The second equally important factor is an effort to avoid frying smoke. Such kitchens are very convenient for having parties with big groups of friends or relatives – dozens of people feel free outdoors and make less mess to your home.

Various Designs.

There are different types of the outdoor kitchen:

  • open-air and covered,
  • attached to your house and separated.

It can be elaborated and filled with state-of-the-art equipment and expensive furniture; as well as it can contain a grill, a table, and a couple of chairs. It all depends on your imagination and finances.  

Choosing different materials creates special layout and the atmosphere of various styles. Combination of wooden finishing agents with steel makes a nice fusion of traditional and modern designs.

Open-Air outdoor kitchen.

This kind of kitchen requires reliable materials and surfaces. Ceramic, stone, stainless steel, etc is good enough as they can stand harsh weather influence. For an open-air kitchen you can use tent, canopy, large umbrellas, and shades to hide your guests and yourself from the rain and sun. Open-air kitchen is usually separated from a house. It is often situated by a swimming-pool or in the garden.

Patio Kitchen is a good example of an open-air separate kitchen. It is traditionally installed on the wooden or concrete circle called patio. Such design does not require some complex constructions – a round of chairs with an open fire-place in the center is enough.

Covered outdoor kitchen.

The main advantage of this kind of kitchen is a shed that secures your equipment and furniture. The rain or noontime sun is not an obstacle anymore – you and your friends can still enjoy the meal outdoors. Covered kitchens can be both of attached and separate types. Roof structure can be solid or wooden-striped. US designers recommend solid shelters for a reason – it let you bring the indoor comforts out and provides some climate control.
Terrace Kitchen is a type of an attached covered kitchen. It goes as a part of the house prolonging your living area.

Furniture & Facilities.

Modern manufacture craves to fulfill your desire of functional and both comfortable rest place. That’s why you can find everything you need for the kitchen remodeling available on the market – starting with dining sets and up to the outdoor bars and sinks.

Griddles, side burners, grills, and BBQ islands are the integral parts of any outdoor kitchen. There is a fun story explaining how the outdoor grill came into use. It started with the TV sitcom Dallas popular in the late 70-ies and early 90-ies. To emphasize the status of the wealthy Ewing family, the producers ordered an outdoor grill. The Ducane Design Company created the whole kitchen island with roomy countertops and integral grills. It gave a boost to the development of the whole outdoor kitchen fashion.

Outdoor pizza oven can also be a reason for your family to sit outside of the house and enjoy fresh air and delicious pizza fragrance.

Installing a refrigerator is not compulsory but quite convenient for the outdoor kitchen. In summer you can keep and cool your drinks, desserts, and appetizers here. Of course you don’t need a huge fridge. Some people choose Beverage Centers and Bars instead.

Brining your house design outdoor to your kitchen looks whole and stylish, especially when we speak about attached kitchen. Many people prefer modular furniture which is quite easy to install. Various accessories, small furniture items, and kits can also be pre-fabricated. Though, to create the unique design you should use custom-made objects. You can use items and materials that add coziness and warmth to your area: rocking chairs with plaids, cushions, soft drapes, and candles.


There is no need to speak in praise of greenery in any project. The refreshing qualities and brisk atmosphere of using plants is well-known and loved. The only advice here – try to choose small trees and shrubs which are stable to the wind, hot, and smoke. Exotic coniferous and succulent plants are a good choice here.
Take your family and friends outside enjoying the festive atmosphere and adding the spirit of holiday to your everyday routine.

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