Summer is already on its way to our US homes, weather is getting warmer and soon enough we all will spend a lot of time outdoors. If you have a townhouse with a stylish garden or а luxury villa with а modern patio, an outdoor fireplace will be the perfect gathering and relaxing spot for your family and friends even if it’s chilly outside. It will not only heat up your backyard but warm up the atmosphere in the whole house as well.

Furthermore, the outdoor fireplace that suits your home architecture and your lifestyle can help you to express your ideas for the fireside fun.

As the fireplace often becomes a dominating feature of the interior that ought to create a special feeling of comfort and coziness, it is crucially important to match this design anchor with your home style. Another significant thing is choosing the right location for your fireplace, which can be wall-mounted or built-in, or even standing far from the house, closer to the surroundings. 

Next step is to decide whether your outdoor fireplace will be permanent or portable. Portable ones give the owner lots of various choices for placing them in the patio, backyard or on the deck.

Permanent outdoor fireplaces can be a luxurious addition to your garden but they are normally more expensive than freestanding ones because they require more complex construction.

The constructing material for your fireplace is also a very important part of the preparation process. The most popular materials:

  • brick,
  • stone,
  • tile,
  • and stucco.

You can choose any substance you want but make sure that it perfectly suits the furniture, floors, walls and all the other elements of the interior.
Remember that the material you choose needs to be heat-proof and resistant to weather exposure. Keep in mind that outdoor fireplaces must be located away from any flammable items like trees, shrubs or firewood. And it’s better to have a flame-resistant fire mat and a spark guard when using the fireplace. Finally, be sure to contact your local fire department and learn the outdoor fire codes before setting up your fireplace.

So let’s summarize all the tips again. Taking into account that fireplace is a focal point of the whole picture, it’s important to plan everything beforehand to make it complementing the space of your patio. Don’t forget to choose the quality materials and a suitable mantel that will accentuate the attention to the right point.

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