Orange is the intermediate color between amiable yellow and powerful red. It has a standard but is characterized by a vast spectrum of shades. Applications of orange in interior design are not uncommon in 2020, but there are rules for the color to clear up and sparkle.

Expert opinion.

Orange stands for positive thinking, holiday spirit and good mood unaffected by external circumstances. Exceptionally active, it keeps away sad thoughts, facilitates generation of new ideas and promotes life of pleasure. The color embodies warmheartedness, the warmth of family hearth, close friendship. It encourages long frank talks, calls to express emotions straightforward. As a rule, people of hot temper, members of creative cultures and children are fond of orange.

Painting orange into your home.

Orange is represented by a lot of shades: from extravagantly bright to soft apricot tones. However, it’s believed that the main usages of orange are accentuating and decorating. That is, the color is oftener used for accessories and textiles than for walls and furniture. Placing orange accents helps make the interior more cheerful, warm, active. Yet, be careful with the color, as it tends to supplant all other shades.

It’s difficult to imagine a tone that is ill-abominable with orange. You have the whole palette at your disposal. However, you should be warned about extra aggressive combinations – like the color solutions used by marketing sharks to invite customers’ attention to the product. One of such schemes is orange and black, which symbolizes the ethos of sport, readiness to gain victories and triumph over difficulties. A living room interior employing these colors will be hard to relax in because it gives rise to a feeling of inner tension, which is not what you need at home. Some other unacceptable variants are violet and bright pink.

Orange living room: best color combinations.

The orange color is always a pleasure to work with; seeing it a person cannot but have a splash of joyfulness and nice emotions. Therefore, the living room is the right place for going orange. It’s the room where we spend most of the time, and we’re capable of making these hours even more pleasant. The most intriguing ideas of orange in a living room are:

  • orange background;
  • orange and green;
  • orange, straw-yellow and scarlet;
  • orange, white and brown;
  • orange and turquoise.
    Let’s find out what each of the variants adds up to your living room interior.

Orange background.

Flame-bright shades of orange are most often observed in living room interiors arranged according to the standards of the colonial style. However, this design solution is not as simple as it seems. The trendy wooden figures and mystic carved masks are barely able to instill the inimitable spirit of the African continent in your living room. On the other hand, the color is capable of much: it can serve as a background for Africa-specific geometric patterns, representing and the flames of a southern sunset and the hot sun-dried land.

Orange and green.

It’s one of the most expansive and welcoming combinations. Try using together light carroty and nettle shades, for they are virtually in the same tonality. Such a color mix symbolizes renewal, zest for life, youth and beauty, for which it’s acknowledged by both USA and UK design pros.

Shades of orange, straw-yellow, and scarlet.

Certain shades of orange are rather appeasing than cheery. For example, think of the color of fallen leaves and autumn berries. Such orange is able to create a special small world within your living room. A world, in which you want to dive at the end of summer to spend autumn and winter in the most cozy atmosphere. For achieving such an effect, you need subdued sunny shades and those of ripe berries. Try combining the colors of mature persimmon, sea buck-thorns and pumpkin with straw-yellow and scarlet.

Orange, white, and brown.

Orange can be used as a means of highlighting a special zone in your living room. Try arranging a white room and putting the accent on the resting area with a bright orange sofa. The color will underline that the cozy piece of furniture is not a utility appliance, but a place of relaxation. Add up even more coziness with brown pillows.

Orange and turquoise.

This combination is appropriate not only in oriental interiors, but in modern USA  living room designs of 2020. Apply the soft shades of marigold to furniture, carpets and draperies, and the space will seem peach-colored in any season. Turquoise reduces the intensiveness of orange, but preserves the warms and optimistic mood. With that, you’ll enjoy summer spirits in your living room even in the middle of winter.

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