Bedroom is a room, where people spend most of their time. Therefore, this place must be comfortable and cozy. Here you must have the opportunity to relax after a hard work day. Also it is significant to follow the latest US trends of the bedroom decorating in 2020. This year is time for bold experimentation and destruction of the established canons.

The Use of Boards

Boards in the interior of bedroom can be perceived differently. Using this element, you can make a country style design, which is really popular now. Especially it will be suitable, if the whole interior of your home will have the atmosphere of “village house”. Thus you can make a wooden headboard or upholster ceiling in the bedroom with boards. Also you can make planked walls in the bedroom. This solution is really popular in USA. It is need to stress that natural materials and styles prevail in 2020. You can decorate bedroom with artsy lamps, antique trinkets, old-style chests. Big wooden bed with metal frame will look great in such room.

Refreshing Greens Is In Trend In USA

Another interesting idea has come from foggy Albion – is the presence of greenery and plants in bedroom. In addition to flowers you can place pots of flowers in the room. If you don’t want to fill your bedroom with greenery, you can just use green and fresh color scheme in the bedroom decoration. Botanic garden inspired style is very popular nowadays. You can use floral, leaf and insect prints on the walls and furniture in your bedroom. Also you can use the garden, which surrounds your home, as a part of the interior.

Colors of The Year

2020 is a year of bold, bright and saturated colors in USA and UK. The main tone of this year is marsala – muted Burgundy with brown undertone. With the use of combination of marsala and purple, dark green or yellow shades, you can replace boring beige and white colors. If you don’t want to make big changes, you can place main accents on bed linen, curtains and pillows. Textile elements can be decorated with ethnic designs and patterns.

Actually in 2020 there are no limits in selection of colors for bedroom. Decorating the bedroom, you can use following bold tones:

  • bright orange;
  • noble blue;
  • dazzling green;
  • delicious raspberry.

In addition, you can choose the furniture in similar shades for your bedroom. Signs and labels will add some uniqueness in your bedroom. It is really good idea to place in the bedroom different labels in the form of glowing panels, posters with text, prints on textiles and wall painting. These prints and labels can symbolize something meaningful or arbitrary. Massive pictures with bright, colorful and abstract images will add flavor to the bedroom’s design. Such kind of idea will not be superfluous in any style.

Main Accent On Doors

You can make original decoration of doors, using different ways. This idea will be especially suitable for those, who are not ready for radical changes in the bedroom’s interior. So you can paint the door, upholster them with metal or wooden straps, cut the pattern, apply large print or even install wheels on them. No matter, what option you will choose, doors should be fit to the design of the room.

Mixing of Different Styles

2020 is a time, when some restrictions and rules lose their power. Therefore, you can mix different design styles. Also it is nice chance to show individuality and creative skills. Creating the unique interior, you should use the principles of the minimalism. Restraint in the details will allow you to create unique design and add maximum light and air into the room. And, of course, environmental and safety materials will be in fashion for a very long time.

Regardless of the choice of style, one of the most sufficient features of the bedroom design in 2020 is big bed. Even, if your bedroom is not particularly roomy, the bed must be quite big anyway. Also, if you want, you can choose round bed, because it is in trend in this season. In addition, headboard is very important element in 2020, so you should decorate it in original way.

Loft Style

This is really extraordinary and provocative solution, but the use of loft style is a real hit of the present day, especially in USA. Bedroom, decorated in lost design has such main features:

  • there are no finishing of walls, which remain brick or concrete. Walls can be covered with rough plaster;
  • wooden flooring;
  • large windows without curtains;
  • ordinary furniture, the main purpose of which is to perform its primary function. Thus, it is not an element of decoration;
  • the combination of modern and outdated technique.

Some people think that this style can be too cold and lifeless for the bedroom, but actually it is not true. Shag carpets, warm-colored fabrics and elements of wood will create a nice, warm and cozy atmosphere in your loft style bedroom.

Also it will be nice solution to place handmade elements in your bedroom. This will give a special flavor to your bedroom. In addition, it is especially important in 2020. The use of handmade elements will allow you to breathe a second life into some old things. Creative persons will certainly like to create something with their hands.

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