Living room is a center of any house. This home area is intended not just to welcome guests, but for a family rest. Therefore, it has to be practical, and design features are selected in order to integrate style and convenience, luxury and functionality.

The main directions of design in the modern parlor.

  • A reasonable amount of decor: unusual figurines, vases, statuettes. They are few but large enough to attract sight. Pictures in thin frames can be combined into the overall composition on a wall.
  • Exclusively functional furniture.
  • Free play of tones and shades (soothing colors with bright accents).
  • Multi-level lighting. Beside the central chandelier there may be additional spotlights lighting furniture, cornice etc.
  • Active use of modern technologies.
  • Overall idea to create a cozy and functional place.

Options for living room space arrangement.

Any ideas can be implemented in the parlor, thus, you don’t have to limit yourself to established demands imposed on all other rooms. The parlor interior can be done in a single style, or you can divide it into zones of different functional purpose.

Quite a spread trend in USA homes is expanding the room by combining it with a dining room or a kitchen. The room can be allocated with the help of the island or bar, or designated by special positioning of furniture items.
Space of the parlor can be widened by adding of the loggia. This corner will be perfect to organize a winter garden and a cozy place for tea in it.

Major styles of modern living room decoration.

Modern interior of a parlor should present maximum rest and relaxation. Therefore, the living room is to be lively and tranquil.

Most of US designers underscore classic, modern, oriental style, minimalism, Eco-style and High-tech as most popular styles in 2020.

For a classical interior gilt mirrors and lamps, antiques, wooden furniture suit best. It’s better to place furniture alongside the walls or in the corners. It helps to free a lot of space.

To decorate your living room in a modern way you may apply a cloth or paper butterflies, waves, handicraft things, delicate case and upholstered pieces of furniture.

Oriental style design will provide the room a distinctive and exotic look.

Main colors can be bright, often red or orange tones. Red color is diluted with gold and white patches. The wallpaper simulating cloth and fir or carpet on the floor would look great.

Minimalism tends to a large space, so for the small room it is likely to combine area with a hallway or kitchen. This style can be easily recognized by the outline of the pieces of furniture: strict sharp edges, straight lines and completely no curls, ornaments or forging.

High-tech is a perfect style for the modern parlor. Its main feature is the availability of modern technologies, hence, a flat screen TV and plenty of attendant equipment are essential, and the wire is better to hide from the eyes.

Selecting furniture.

Regardless of the selected style, the main idea of the decor is that each item must be in place. Thus, designers believe the central item in the living room is a fireplace, a sofa and a coffee table. Consider the need to neutralize the rough edges by placing the plants nearby them.

Major principles of selecting the furniture for modern parlor:

  • The sofa is a central item of the room, so it sets the overall mood of the interior; other pieces of furniture often have a mobile disposition.
  • Extensive application of the latest technologies and devices.
  • Combining of colors and shades; bright accents on the calm tones background are used more often.
  • The concept of minimalism, but non-strict: paucity of furniture aimed at functionality.
  • The preference for large items with straightforward forms.
  • Coffee tables made of glass and metal, performed in bizarre configuration give the area the effect of lightness.
  • For storing things you can install the small closets with doors or open shelves built into the wall.
  • Nowadays light and space became the most valuable points of the parlor interior in the UK. Do not overload the room. If want to divide it into zones, use hidden additional light.

Latest versions of colors in 2020.

Color solutions for contemporary parlor can be very diverse. All depends on preferences of the owner and their in-tension’s. The main idea presupposes harmonious look of combination of colors.

You can apply for one of three main color schemes: analog (a combination of different colors of one palette), monochrome (even deeper immersion in one color) or contrast (extravagant design, which helps to zone the room).
A proper idea is to choose color solution which involves shades of warm colors. For example, mild brown or beige. These tones are calm and neutral. Various colors can be combined, but the opposite spectrum colors should not be used closely.

Accent facilities.

To give your living room a highlight that would make the interior special and accentuate your taste, use accent accessories.

A panel with fancy flower patterns will draw attention and revive the monochrome room. Built-in aquariums and a Bio fireplace retain garland among interior facilities in the USA this year.

Modern men will appreciate such an addition to the living room as a billiard table. The bar arranged next to it could be very helpful.

The traditional fireplace became popular again and gained a status of modernity. In addition, if you choose an artificial fireplace or a simulation, it is precisely the category of the newest technology.

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