Today many modern apartments in the USA and UK have a living room layout with unconventional proportions. It can be very difficult to equip such an usual room for a comfortable life. These complicated cases include areas, where the length is in a few times bigger than the width. So, in fact, this space resembles a corridor, which width is too narrow for the furniture arrangement and the presence of just one window does not allow to get quality lighting even in daylight.

How to realize cozy design of a long & narrow living room?
Creating a long and narrow shape living room design 2020 you should perform several tasks:

  • to improve the space perception;
  • to provide the necessary functionality;
  • to create harmony and unity of style.

Ways of space expansion.

Of course, it is almost impossible to get a spacious premise with a long and narrow space, but making it cozy and comfortable is quite a doable task. The use of effective methods not only increases a room, but helps to achieve the desired result.

There are some visual space extension methods:

  • The correct color choice of interior decorating may easily increase the width of a long narrow space due to the using of light shades along the long walls and dark shades on the narrow ones. And it does not have to be a solid color, but perhaps some combinations of two colors, which will be able to smooth visually the tone transitions and help to perceive design as an overall style idea.
  • Textures in the form of a brick wall or stone masonry are also welcome, as a living room will become more dynamic and contrast.
  • Ceilings should be painted in the wall color, but with a more light finish that will encourage a larger perception of the home interior.
  • Wallpapering with rich tones on long walls will help visually to remove the focus on narrow walls. However, it is necessary to position the light sources correctly that the overall interior design of a long narrow place could look in the same style. Therefore, the use of combined illumination with different light intensities and dispersion degree is simply vitally important. If you need the design theme creation, then choose wallpaper with a volume perspective, like 3D pictures, so your home interior will never be turned into a gloomy tunnel.
  • Place the furniture in width of a wall, hang a decorative curtain and a long living room will look much shorter. But you should not close the beautiful window view, as neither family members or guests will be able to admire it. Also, if you look at the opened viewed window, the space may seem more spacious, and the narrow part of a room may appear in several times wider.
  • The using of mirrors on the side wall surfaces of an elongated room will allow to achieve multiple reflections of light rays and get a smearing of transient space boundaries. But in this case you have to abandon the using of decorative accessories that will cause the focus and create contrast, overloading the space perception.
  • Doorways located along the long walls should be enlarged in sizes: set sliding design, use arches or wide door panels. Architraves and door edges have to be painted in bright colors. If these walls have windows, they also have to be enlarged that a room could get more lighting and its space seemed wider.

Recommendations for furniture placement.

  • As in any narrow premises, decorating a living room you have to abandon standard rules of the furniture placement. Number of furniture and its placement is always chosen based on the geometric features of a room.
  • Over-sized furniture, such as cabinets, tables, sofas, is desirable to be placed parallel to the short wall to hide its dimensions and create a right room shape.
  • For small apartments a long narrow room can be zoned into two or three areas, using not only textile walls, but also furniture. The result will be obtained by a number of zones with the correct form and the feeling of a long room like a corridor will immediately evaporate.
  • Place a sofa not along the long wall, but in the middle of a room, leaving space for moving around. Thus, the living room can be divided into two sections, and thereby the size disparity will disappear.
  • Hang open shelves behind a sofa and place a coffee table in front of it. Passage at the window have to be free, as well as the space beside it.
  • Do not use heavy drapes or curtains to the floor for a window. Curtains should be light and airy.

Lighting choice.

One light source in the center will not be enough for the narrow room design. This is due to the fact that interior shadows can be created in the most remote places. But even if you set the local lamps with bright light, the appearance will still remain bleak. Therefore, if a room looks as a single space, then it should be schematically divided into several square areas with sides equal to the room width, then set lamps in each of them. This will ensure uniform lighting and the lack of shadows.

The chandelier form should be chosen not hanging, but rather surrounding to the ceiling. Its asymmetry and laconic geometry can easily fit long narrow living room of US design 2020 and complement the overall interior decorating. If each lamp has a dimmer, it is possible to achieve a variety of atmospheres, as this will change the color perception.

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