If you are among these happy U. S. homeowners who live in a home with high ceiling, you are probably used to enjoy every moment of staying in your airy and spacious house. Tell yourself honestly: do you feel like being on the bottom of the deepest well sometimes? Look around: does it seem to you there is some disproportion in the room: the “lower” part of it is overs-tuck with furniture, decorations and whatnot, and the “top” looks empty and bold? You should have to do something with it, otherwise even the best furnished room will look gloomy and pressing. Here we will give you some tips and ideas which will be your guide to avoid mistakes in designing your home interior with high ceiling.

The stuff you should avoid if you have a living room with high ceiling

  • Very long curtains and thin cornices under the ceiling.
    When you live in a home with very high ceiling, please change your attitude towards long drapes and curtains. They look too much gorgeous and pompous and work very well “stretching” your room up. Forget about luxurious long drapes forever.
  • The ceiling moldings which has the same color with your ceiling.
    When you work at your home design, your goal here is to make a visual balance inside each room. That is why change the color of the moldings, picking a contrast shade.
  • Small decor.
    The most beautiful and cute elegant figurines and hand-made decor, small art works in pastel frames will look ridiculous in the room which is spacious and has very high ceilings. Today many homeowners in the USA and UK which have these homes buy extra large art works for walls. You do not have to buy many of them. One art work or painting on the wall, framed or frame-less, will be enough to keep your room to a more balanced design.
  • Floor accent.
    When you enter the room with high ceiling and see there a bright gorgeous rug, your attention will be “stolen” by it. Add to the picture heavy furniture (even great and high quality), and together with empty walls you will get the largest disproportion ever. Work more at the “top” design. Keep this balance!

How can you “fight” with high ceiling and make it a benefit?

  • Golden Section rule.
    Decorators offer us the use the Golden Section rule. This Rule of Thirds is very easy: visually divide the wall into three equal parts horizontally and vertically. The bottom third will be given for furniture, the average – for large art works, and the top part can be empty. As a result, we will get the balance between the “ground” and the “air”. A large painting on the wall (let it be an extra large art work) will be this “missing link” between the ceiling and the floor. If you follow this rule, even the modestly decorated room with high ceilings will not seem empty and hollow, but cozy and pleasant to our eyes.
  • Lighting: large chandeliers and floor lamps.
    High ceilings are made for massive chandeliers. If you pick a small pendant or ceiling built-in lights, it will double the height of your space. You do not have to pick only a classic unit. Many huge fantastically beautiful contemporary light fixtures designed especially for high ceilings are offered today in specialized stores. Floor lamps from the leading USA and UK designers will also help to balance the room look.
  • Accent wall.
    Large height itself is an impressive decor tool. You can emphasize the feeling of much air and freedom in your room: make an accent wall. It can be a rough stone or brick or a wall painted bright yellow, which is in 2015 trend. Do not hesitate to combine bright colors given us by nature. If your accent wall is yellow, and you pick bold green comfortable furniture it will look fantastically! Hanging a huge painting displaying bright green field with big red flowers over the green couch will be a great idea!
  • Wooden ceiling beams.
    The growing popularity of ceiling beams in homes with high ceilings is connected with our desire for authenticity and wish to be closer to nature. You can design such a home as a farmhouse or an ancient castle. Use additionally unfinished wooden floor, rustic furniture, homespun rugs and large hand-made decor.
  • Game of texture on the ceiling.
    Relocate the accent from the walls and floor to the ceiling: choose darker color shades for it or even decorate it with original ornament. It will also work as a perfect floor-ceiling balance.
  • Industrial room style.
    Try to use fashion industrial trend of 2020. This style has come to us from the USA 1990s, and since that time its popularity has only increased. Industrial style loves high ceilings and large windows. You can use decorative brick, rough aged wood, dull metal with a touch of rust, wallpapers or other coatings imitating concrete. Do not use much decor, as industrial style prefers minimalism. Several monochrome photos, old advertising signs and plates, graffiti on a wall would be enough.

As you see, most of the recommendations do not require any great financial investments. Invest to the project your fantasy, time and great love for your sweet home!

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