Red color in any quantity always catches the eye. It symbolizes strength, power, and passion, also it creates holiday mood, calls to activity and raises vitality. Combining red color with other shades, you can reach a specific effect of perception. For example, white color adds some romance to red, black – gives solidity and respectability, while blue color creates bright contrast. Therefore, there are a lot of interesting ideas of living room with red color.

Color combinations.

Decorating the living room with red, you need to consider that this color has a strong influence on psycho-emotional state of people. Thus, it awakens the thirst of life, gives confidence and encourages communication. But, on the other hand, overdose in this color can lead to irritation, aggression and depression. Considering these features you can use following types of color selection in USA in 2020:

  • monophonic. Color palette is based on the using of one color with transition from dark to a lighter tone;
  • harmonious. This type of color selection uses the combination of related shades, which can complement each other;
  • contrast. In this option you can use the combination of two or three colors;
  • mixed. This type provides organic application of primary colors with related or contrast shades.

Choosing red color as a main color of your living room design, you can use any type of shade selection. Also you can use pearl, amber or sand shades in combination with red for the creation of a certain atmosphere in the living room, such as the feeling of joy. Elements of white color will add gentle contours and lightness. Black will create a spectacular shadow of red and fill it with deepness and mysterious aristocracy. This idea will be especially suitable in 2020.

Choosing red color for the living room interior, you need to consider that it has warm and cold shades. The first includes scarlet, garnet and rusty. The second – raspberry, alizarin and cardinal shades. Each of these tones will create spectacular tandem with white color. Also these shades of red will look perfectly in combination with black.

Another one nice idea is combination of red with bronze, brass or gold. These tones can accentuate the beauty of main color, making it richer. You can use bronze or gold shades for decorative elements of furniture or separate accessories in your home. For example, you can place figurines, vases, chandeliers and frames for paintings.

While decorating living room with red color and its shades, you need to consider that it is warm color. With orange-pink tone this room becomes visually “more heated”. Plum shade acts in other way – it “cools” the living room, making it more strict and solid.

Magic of blue and red.

Red-blue living room has its unique aura, because these colors are opposite to each other. Red color inspires to action and blue – soothes. It is important to comply with proportions of each shade. One of them should play a secondary role and occupy minimal space. For example, you can choose furniture of red color, also you can make the emphasis on the textile design of windows. Chandeliers and accessories must be picked up in tone with curtains. Thus, wall and ceilings finishing should be decorated in light pastel shades.

Scarlet shade in the living room.

This shade of red gives refinement and luxury to the living room interior. The best place for it – wall design. Thus, you can use brown for flooring, while light-beige will be suitable for ceilings. In addition, you can create a nice shade for red walls using paintings with a white background or bright decorations. Such decorations will be suitable for spacious living room in the USA.

In small living room you can use red color for the floor covering. In combination with white furniture and ceilings of the same color red will look harmonious and stylish.

Useful Tips.

Competent use of red color in living room design gives freshness and elegance to interior. But it is need to stress that this color is considered to be one of the most difficult in design, so you need to be very careful.

It is important to follow the next advice’s:

  • use harmonious combinations of colors. Don’t clutter the space with red.
  • don’t use several shades of red in one room. It will look roughly.
  • different types of surfaces of same color look ridiculous. As an option, you can use one shade but with different tonality;
  • if in your interior red will be complementary color, you should use it for the decoration of few furniture items (more than one). For example, red sofa can be supplemented with shelf or floor lamp of the same color;
  • if red is main color in your interior design, you need to consider that it loves clear space. This color is not suitable for small living rooms. Thus, you can paint only one wall in red and in the opposite part of the room you can minimize the use of this color.

Living room is perfect place for the realization of your wildest dreams and imagination.

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