Cooking in the open air in summer is an extremely pleasant activity, second only to enjoying the freshly-cooked meals in the out-of-doors. A rare country home features no summer kitchen – as a rule, this part of the mansion either comes as a free-standing structure in the garden, or is conveniently accommodated on the terrace. This article will disclose some aspects of creating a welcoming cooking and dining area in immediate adjacency to the house.

Terrace Kitchen: Pros & Cons.

The main advantages of a terrace-based kitchen in USA are:

  • the ultimate unity with nature due to the absence of at least one wall;
  •  as opposed to a free-standing summer kitchen, the solution in question allows you to save a lot of money on engineering communications and building materials;
  •  a terrace kitchen is an open kitchen, which allows you to employ not only the traditional kitchen appliances, but also the outdoor ones, such as a barbecue grill.

As for the disadvantages of such a solution, they are:

  • inability to use the area during winter;
  • your get-together evenings with friends or family may be interrupted by rain, if it’s accompanied by strong gusts of wind;
  • possibly, you will have to bring the food and valuable items inside the house with the onset of the night (especially if your country home is located in an area distinguished by vigorous wildlife).

The Outdoor Kitchen Environment: Finishing Options.

Wood is extensively used as a finishing material for walls and floors, as it gives an immense feeling of coziness and warmth. Since the terrace is an outdoor area, see about properly treating all the wood to prevent the adverse effects of moisture and vermin.

Stone is what grants you coolness on a hot summer day. The material is one of the most durable and wear-resistant finishing choices, which is why it is often seen in terrace kitchen projects developed by USA and UK designers. It’s suitable for every aspect of the outdoor cooking and dining zone: working surfaces, the fireplace (if you decide to have one), walls and floors. If you live in an area distinct in particularly chilly winters, opt for porous stone, as it withstands freezing temperatures better.

Tiles never lose relevance. These days, manufacturers have learned to produce tiles that are virtually indistinguishable from wood or stone, unless you decide to give the surface a close inspection. Tiles may be used for floors and walls, or for individual decorative accents.

Decorating A Terrace Kitchen: 5 Inspiring Ideas.

  1. Design your terrace kitchen to ultimately enjoy beautiful summer weather. Find a way to preserve the magnificence of sunlight and fresh air. Minimalist furniture and bright accents on the wall can help your reach the goal. Decorate the area with inexpensive but attention-grasping elements, such as a couple of cachepots, a bird cage, etc. A great idea is to exploit water-based decorations: a small fountain near the summer kitchen will not only enhance the aesthetic properties of the terrace, but also make its occupants feel more comfortable.
  2. Use ornamental flowers as decorations. In case you lack space, enthusiasm or time for nurturing a wonderful summer garden around the terrace, there are other ways to include plants in the interior of the terrace kitchen. Flowerbeds in containers – such as flowerpots, cachepots or earthenware planters – will perfectly complement the design of a summer kitchen, regardless of the general style you choose. Moreover, summer is the season of juicy fruits and mellow vegetables. If your terrace is roomy enough, try introducing one or two small lemon trees in flowerpots. Other possibilities include a few strawberry plants, or decorative vegetable beds. Cherry tomatoes, basil, lettuce – any vegetable or herb that you consider eye-appealing will work as a nice decoration.
  3. A riot of colors and styles might be an excellent idea for the terrace-based summer kitchen in USA. This part of your cottage has every right to be bright, boldly and mirthfully decorated with daring colors and patterns. If your kitchen design is rather modest, save the day with eye-catching accessories. Combine furniture models of contrasting colors and styles, try out funny dish-cloths and aprons with oven mittens.
  4. Use natural materials: rattan furniture, linen covers, warm wood and cold stone. Introducing a sufficient amount of bamboo, you can transform your terrace kitchen into a likeness of an exotic bungalow, while wicker furniture creates the vibe of a Spanish patio. If your terrace has only one open wall, you can make the space appear more “open” by bringing in obviously outdoor furniture and expanding the outside garden into the kitchen with the help of similar gardening choices. For example, if your terrace is surrounded by marigold flowerbeds, replant a few blossoming marigolds into pots and put them on the terrace.
  5. Employ light and fresh color in your terrace kitchen interior. Light walls, kitchen appliances with shiny metal surfaces, lemon yellow or sky blue table-napkins, tablecloths and feather-light net curtains – a combination of these elements may transform your kitchen into the veranda of a noble mansion of the 19th century. Illumination plays a crucial role. Get prepared for those times of the day when there’s insufficient natural lighting: exploit lanterns, pendant lamps, furniture pieces with built-in lighting sources, etc.

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