Planning an outdoor kitchen

When spending time outside away from city smog and sirens what can be better than having a lunch under the green crowns of trees? This is an incomparable rest and why even bother with walking inside the house until the night falls? Outdoor kitchen allows to spend all of your time outside enjoying sunshine, fresh air, cheerful greens and singing of birds. Probably any US house with a private yard can have an outdoor kitchen since it’s stuffing depends totally on the budget and wits. Why even want a summer house without spending the whole day outside? Some ideas can be fulfilled even in a short time and with limited budget.

Planning an outdoor kitchen.

Before planning the territory outside the house one has to take into account all the influential factors:

  1. Weather and climate conditions.
  2. Children of the younger age.
  3. Pets.

Financial factor is not included in the listing since it is highly subjective. However, weather will influence the planning greatly, since rainy and windy territories require covering the outdoor kitchen with solid roof on the durable piers. Special safety is needed outside when children and pets are present in the family: closing electric outlets, hidden wires, baskets for the cutlery out of range, security of the heating surfaces.special safety for outdoor kitchen

Why make an outdoor kitchen and leave the dining room inside? Of course, the place where the family eats is the most important part of an outdoor kitchen. When planning the whole thing the most predictable problem is the space itself – nothing has to be too close or too far away. The key is to make a free way from the oven or grilling station to the dining table. Nothing has to be an obstacle, yet it is better to shorten the path as much as possible, since some dishes are served scorching hot or simply require serving a little at a time. Finally, the cook should not get lost on the way from kitchen to the dining table and back.Outdoor Kitchen Plan

Anyhow, separating dining and cooking spaces is initial for the best possible rest in between meals. Party planners claim that each person present at the table should be granted ten square feet of personal space. Luckily, making a simple wooden table with long benches on both sides is not the only option available for the outdoor kitchen. Comfortable and cozy coaches, armchairs and sofas can all take their places in the yard. It is initial to remember to cover the whole kitchen and dining spaces with a tent or even a solid roof from the material chosen according to the needs, design and resources.

Not only the top but the bottom has to be comfortable and safe – outdoor kitchen should have even and firm floor. When using light in weight portable tables and chairs for the dining room it may be reasonable to leave the plain soil under the feet and just cover it with the grass-plot. However, in the cooking space a good firm floor is required not only for the safety of the kitchen appliances, but also for the comfort of the cook. The choice of the floor material is to be based on the main idea of the general design. Stone, wood, concrete – all good unless they do not break down the concept.

Most US professionals agree that kitchen island is the best variant both indoor and outdoor. It is handy, space-saving and ergonomic.Outdoor Kitchen Island in USAOutdoor Kitchen Island №2 It also has to be mentioned, that opportunity to use an island in the outdoor kitchen planning is a good chance to save money. Some may find this unnecessary, but a refrigerator has to be in the closest reach too. It does not have to be a huge traditional fridge, but a compact variant like a small cooler or just an ice machine will do. At times cooking a certain dish requires cold ingredients and it is just nice to have a cold drink by your side on a hot summer day.

Another moment to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen is the Outdoor grill ideas. These are probably one of the most popular dishes to cook outside ever, so there is a small chance one would like to have the outdoor kitchen without a grilling station. Cooking barbecue is possible with just a grill with wheels without any fridges and stone decks, but it is a lot easier to cook having the sink, set of crockery and additional surfaces nearby.grill and barbecue in outdoor kitchen

All the mentioned stuffing requires electricity thus the host has to include electrical outlets in the outdoor kitchen plan. Since it is still an outside area they should all have covers, that are to be closed for the night, under the rains and in the cold time of the year. There are also exact numbers that regulate the free space needed around certain spots in the kitchen:

  • electrical outlets no less than 18 inches are to be set around the sink for the dishes;
  • 36 inches are to be kept free around the grill as the additional surfaces.

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