Outdoor grill ideas

An outdoor pastime is the best way of living during the warm seasons in the United States. The vital part of the outdoor living is not only a fireplace but a barbecue grill as well. Here we would like to share some of our ideas on the outdoor grills so that you could find the one which would suit your taste most.

Brick works.

This rustic outdoor kitchen with a large island is ready for the summer barbecue parties. It has a plenty of space for cooking and setting down the utensils. The kitchen itself is made of brick but there are some steel elements including the built-in grill that looks casual but fine.Brick works- grill idea in USA

Double-sided comfort.

The built-in grill in this contemporary outdoor kitchen is not the focal point of the room but it still commands a lot of the attention with its shining metal surface. Surely, the centerpiece of a picture is an elevated double-sided fireplace which allows the guests to watch the dancing fire sparks and at the same time enjoy the magnificent view on the back. The wicker furniture and the quite colors used in the decoration make this covered patio look very comfortable and cozy. Here you can see a good example of how to arrange an outdoor grill party and still stay indoors.double-sided comfort -grill idea

Natural beauty.

This ultra-green beautiful backyard includes an old-styled stone fireplace and a cozy kitchen with the built-in grill made from stainless steel. The grilling area also features a storage drawers and a stone countertop for preparing food and drinks.natural beauty- grill idea

African spirit.

Vivid colors and bright moldings of this outdoor kitchen will remind your guests of the azure Moroccan streets. Designers have just added a modern grilling station with a steel grill, a dishwasher and a gas cooker to make the cooking process faster and easier. You will definitely feel yourself like Jasmine of Aladdin from a fairy-tale while preparing food in this outdoor kitchen.African spirit -grill idea

Mediterranean luxury.

This spacious outdoor kitchen is performed in warm palette of orange, brown and beige. It exudes the luxury feel and includes not only a grilling station for preparing food but also a sitting area with the comfortable corner sofa. A feeling of additional space is achieved by the vaulted ceiling. A plain TV-set above the fireplace shows that this gathering place was constructed for entertaining. Finally, the huge built-in grill and the granite bar finish the whole picture.Mediterranean luxury -grill idea

You can use your grill to enjoy the warm days outdoors and cook something for your nearest and dearest. And even if the weather is chilly, you can always light up a fire at your outdoor fireplace, get some chairs and shawls and just enjoy in the friendly atmosphere while chatting and watching the sunset with your family or friends.

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