Low-Budget Kitchen Design Ideas

Low-cost kitchens are rather popular. Many US homeowners wish to obtain a functional and cozy room at an insignificant cost. Creating an astonishing kitchen design with minimal investments is possible: you just need to find inexpensive but quality furniture and organize the space appropriately, so that any drawbacks resulting from your tight budget don’t strike the eyes.

Essential kitchen interior elements: Don’t cheap out!

Attempts to save much on the kitchen essentials are an unrewarding idea, unless you’re extremely cash-strapped. Read below about how to retrench expenditures wisely in this situation.

  • Furniture. When seeking a low-cost kitchen cabinets set, prefer pieces of domestic manufacture over world-famous brands. If you live in the UK, buy British, if you’re a USA resident, buy American. However, purchasing admittedly low-quality and short-life furniture is unwise. Keep in mind: every designer detail adds up to the price, so opt for the simplest, most unpretentious set to fit into the budget.Low-budget furniture for kitchen
  • Lighting. All working surfaces must be well lit. The range of inexpensive lighting fixtures is vast: from mini-lamps and spotlights to chandeliers with halogen lamps.Low-Budget kitchen lighting
  • Kitchen sink. It’s the most functional item in your kitchen. However low the budget, buy a full-size sink made from quality material. If you opt for a mini-sink, it’ll result in a great lot of inconveniences: for instance, you won’t be able to wash pots and pans in there. Rectangular kitchen sinks are preferable over round, as they ensure maximal and optimal use of the space.

3 ways to save on materials.

  1. Furniture is what you can save a large sum on: instead of expensive complete kitchens of medium density fiberboard or natural wood, opt for pieces made of particleboard or laminated chipboard.
  2. Instead of a ceramic splash-back, choose a plastic one; however, note that the latter requires more careful maintenance.Ways to save budget for US kitchen
  3. Stone counter tops are fairly beautiful and practical in the kitchen interior, but if your tight budget imposes certain limitations, opt for inexpensive counter tops of laminated particleboard – they’ll serve well for years if properly cared for.

Furniture design.

  • Refuse from decorations on furniture fronts. Gilding, carvings and all kinds of decorative elements increase the cost of the piece.
  • Opt for factory-manufactured furniture rather than custom-built sets. The same is true about the color palette: standard colors and patterns will allow to easily find a new piece instead of a spoiled one at a later date.
  • A kitchen bar is a worthy substitute of the kitchen table. Depending on the material, it may be a few times cheaper than a table. Another original and money-saving solution is to use an extended windowsill as the kitchen table. This option is especially appropriate in tiny kitchens.windowsill as the kitchen table
  • Contact paper is the most cost-efficient solution for the thriftiest homeowners. Easily applied to furniture fronts or counter tops, it allows to makeover the interior upon your first wish.

Tricks in designing a low-budget kitchen.

“Low-budget” is not necessarily a synonym of “low-quality” or “non-durable.” When you order a complete kitchen set at a furniture store, the cost of your order is influenced by certain nuances that are difficult to foresee for anyone who doesn’t buy kitchens daily. The following pieces of knowledge will allow you to find a cheaper kitchen set of equal functionality and ergonomics.

  1. Linear kitchen sets are always more expensive than corner ones, so always opt for the former. As for the nasty corner of your kitchen room, fill it with the refrigerator, for example.
  2. Simple design is the low-budget option. Various stylish accessories can be purchased at a future date, when you budget is less limited.
  3. Refuse from any furniture with built-in appliances, as this rockets the total cost of the kitchen project.
  4. Opt for simple lines and shapes: rectangular or square furniture is always cheaper than that of gorgeous and bombastic shape.
  5. Furniture contents affect the price greatly. The fewer drawers, the cheaper the chest.low cost kitchens in USA
  6. Buy furniture handles separately, opting for the simplest ones. These seemingly insignificant elements may entail a noticeable hike of the total price.

Shop at clearance and bargain sales.

Marketing tricks are what comes handy when you’re on a budget. Discounts, clearance sales of last year’s collections and ex-display pieces offer a money-saving opportunity.Discounts, clearance sales of low-cost kitchens Sometimes it’s possible to find flawed pieces with minor, easily-reparable defects. These may be:

  • barely noticeable scratches on furniture fronts;
  • small chipped spot on glass elements;
  • a slight mismatch of colors;
  • incompatible or absent fittings;
  • other minor defects that break no squares.

A unique and beautiful design is achievable even at small expense, as you’ve probably noticed while browsing our selection of photos of low-cost kitchens. Make homely warmth and coziness the idea of your kitchen. Memorable items, children’s paintings, family photos and lovely knick-knackers are the best decorations of such a kitchen interior.

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