Long and narrow kitchen design ideas

The area and dimensions of premises affect on the decoration way. For a long&narrow kitchen the design should combine functional characteristics and aesthetic appeal. It is necessary to choose carefully furniture and materials for interior decoration.

The ideas of finishing materials.

  • Properly chosen materials can visually expand the room space. Therefore, for kitchen walls use products of pastel shades. Cream, peach, milk or beige colors make the interior bright and comfortable.
  • Wallpaper with a pattern will create a bright accent. You may also combine vertical strips with monophonic wallpaper. US designers often use large wall photos to separate a room into functional areas.separate a kitchen into functional areas in USA You can fix a wall photo around the table.
  • Popular and effective way to increase the visual space is the using of wallpaper with a panoramic picture. The range of materials and images is varied. This may be a view of the picturesque region or city panorama. Such tools enhance the appearance of narrow kitchen and give it more original design.Kitchen wallpaper with a panoramic picture
  • For decoration you can choose any material, which is durable and reliable. A common material is ceramic tile. If you arrange the floor in a diagonal direction, your kitchen will look more spacious. Materials color should match the color scheme of the rest design.
  • Kitchen laminate should be placed perpendicularly to the main wall. If the material is dark, the ceiling in the kitchen visually looks higher.

The correct interior layout.

The choice of furniture and the way of its layout will help to create in a narrow and long kitchen really comfortable atmosphere. Modern cabinets and equipment allow to efficient use of space.

  • Use the window zone as location for the countertop, kitchen sink or dishwasher. This solution helps to save some space along the walls.
  • Functional furniture for a long narrow kitchen may be a corner set. So, you can free up space in the center. Kitchen utensils can be placed on many shelves and cabinets.furniture for a long narrow kitchen
  • Use here the sliding furniture. Sliding tables or shelves greatly help to save the kitchen space. Use in the work area the transformable countertop, which at any desired time you can hide behind furniture fronts.
  • Graceful shelves and hanging cabinets will become the functional complement of a kitchen. They do not take up much space and are quite roomy and practical.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the design choice of the kitchen table. Do not choose too massive and overall design. A rectangular plastic or glass table will create a light relaxed atmosphere.
  • Chairs should not interfere with free movement in the kitchen. Select lightweight stools without rear backrests or buy comfortable benches.

Carefully planned furniture placement and additional attributes will visually enlarge the space and make the interior comfortable.

10 important tips for creating a comfortable and nice kitchen.

There are various ways and further decorations that will help to adjust the kitchen space.

  1.  For a visual extension of the space use a mirror. This option is recommended to hang on the long wall. The bigger product will give more spectacular increasing of the visual space.mirror in kitchen
  2. For the free wall use unusual decoration materials. This can be a decorative tile, beautiful fresco, mosaic, wallpapers or painting with the original pattern.
  3. To correct the visual perception of space use competent lighting. Arrange additional lamps and lighting equipment. Especially this rule applies to the working area.
  4. If the window aperture is decorated properly, it can significantly improve the whole look of the kitchen. Choose light curtains, roman blinds, light shutters.
  5. Buy the kitchen furniture with glass inserts. It will create the illusion of lightness and weightlessness.kitchen furniture with glass
  6. Choose certain mechanisms of flaps that will not interfere with movement. Sliding wardrobes or transoms flaps can significantly save space in a small kitchen.
  7. If there is a balcony door in the kitchen, it has to be made entirely from glass. The interior will look visually bigger.
  8. Locate a special furniture set just at one wall. So, on the opposite side you can arrange the dining area.
  9. Do not use a large number of cabinets, which make heavier the room design.
  10. Decor with unusual details and bright accessories distract the attention on the kitchen shape. It may be original paintings, posters, beautiful floral arrangements.

Long, narrow US kitchen designs can be attractive. You have to choose right materials and arrange semantic accents.

  1. This has been a really wonderful post with 10 important tips for creating a nice and comfortable kitchen. Thank you for providing this info.

  2. Find a use for everything, even the space next to your stove (it makes a fantastic place to store spices, oils, soup stocks, et cetera). One of Cheever’s favorite small kitchen design solutions is adding in “very, very narrow nine-inch-deep pantries, which can take the place of a filler between a refrigerator and a wall.”

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