Kitchen window curtains ideas

After a big home repair, many bump into the question: what curtains are the most suitable for the kitchen? Variants of decorating kitchen windows range from minimalist Roman blinds and roller shades to exotic bamboo curtains and pompous classic drapes with lambrequins.

Requirements to kitchen curtains.

Specific functions of the kitchen room should be considered when choosing curtains for kitchen windows. Guide yourself not only by aesthetic and stylistic considerations, but also by purely practical ones.Kitchen Curtains If you opt, say, for luxurious long snow-white window curtains of delicate material with lush drapes, they are likely to lose their marketable appearance in just a couple days. That’s why we suggest that you prefer curtains that are:

• Functional. Kitchen window curtains should be easy to draw, able to shield the room from curious glances and direct sunlight, while permitting the light and air in for comfortable cooking and a pleasant feeling of freshness. If the cooker is positioned near the window and you’ve selected curtains of a light airy material, see about fire safety: use special tiebacks or sew a weighting braid along the bottom edge of the curtain.

• Practical. Kitchen curtains must be easy to wash. Choosing the material, consider not only its stylistic compatibility with the rest of the interior, but also the specific character of the room where you cook and meal daily. To avoid unnecessary troubles, put your stake on a fabric that neither absorbs odors nor accumulates dust and grime. You have three options to choose from:

  • natural fabrics with flame-retardant, dust proof and dirt-resistant steeping;
  • synthetic fabrics characterized by the above-listed properties;
  • modern blended fabrics with an admixture of synthetic fibers. They combine the functionality and practicality of synthetic materials with the unique aesthetics of natural fabrics.

Modern ideas of kitchen window curtains.

Contemporary UK and USA design trends postulate that kitchen curtains should boast supreme functionality and minimal decorative elements. For an optimal modern solution, choose unpretentious short curtains, Roman or Austrian blinds, roller shades or bamboo curtains. Classic window curtains with drapes are appropriate in spacious kitchen rooms, or when the kitchen is combined with the dining room or the parlor. Let’s find out more details about each type of window curtains appropriate in the kitchen.

  1. Light curtains.
    Light fabric or net curtains look great in a small kitchen. They won’t be cluttering up the window aperture, while instilling an atmosphere of homely coziness. An almost transparent lace curtain will highlight the beauty of a classic-style wooden furniture set. For a Country or Provence kitchen, nothing is a better idea than light curtains with tiebacks or cafe-style curtains.Light curtains for USA kitchen
  2. Roman blinds.
    Advantages of Roman blind are numerous. They’re easy to draw, practical, laconic and elegant; they’ll fit into a kitchen of any style, from Classic and Retro to High Tech and Avant-garde. Roman blind are distinguished by a universal method of attachment, which allows to make maximum use of the kitchen space. US designers employ this curtain type wherever it’s impossible or undesirable to arrange broad drapes.Roman blinds for kitchen
     Due to special steeping, such curtains neither heat up not fade in the sun, retaining the original beauty for a long haul.
  3. Roller shades.
    A tough and keen competition to traditional curtains, roller shades offer a number of advantages over other types. They’re compact, highly practical, durable and hard-wearing, convenient to draw. Textures and patterns vary vastly, which allows to pick up a roller shade to match any interior. Known as textile roller blinds, such curtains are distinguished by simple structure, foolproof method of attachment and versatility.Roller shades for kitchen
    When choosing a roller shade for the kitchen, pay attention not only to properties such as flame and dirt resistance, but also to the level of opaqueness. Semitransparent roller shades will protect you from curious glances, while letting much sunlight into the room. On the contrary, black-out roller blinds are absolutely light-resistant.
  4. Bamboo kitchen blinds.
    Bamboo blinds are made of bamboo cane, natural fabrics and jute straw. They’re lightweight, compact and moisture-resistant, which is essential in the kitchen context. Such blinds are treated with a special varnish for enhanced protection from mechanical damage and exposure to sunlight. Bamboo is non-toxic and non-sensitizing, while numerous shades and weaving techniques allow for countless variants. A curtain of the type will be an exotic ethnic-style decoration of your kitchen, able to “break the ice” of the most ultra-modern high tech interior.Bamboo blinds for US kitchen
  5. Austrian blinds.
    Looking for something more pretentious yet practical? Set your eyes on the so-called Austrian blinds, which represent a fusion of Roman and French blinds. This type appears as impressive as classic curtains and drapes, but is compacter and suitable for decorating small window apertures, including ones of non-standard shape.Austrian blinds for kitchen
  6. Classic curtains and lambrequins.
    The classic manner of decorating windows (light net curtains plus drapes) is appropriate only in large airy kitchens where the cooker is positioned away from the window, or in homes with an open layout where the kitchen, dining and living areas are disposed withing one huge room. In a kitchen of small or medium dimensions, classic curtains are unsuitable – and even unsafe. As for lambrequins, they’re used to add up expression, luxury and elegance to the kitchen interior.Classic Curtains And Lambrequins

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