Kitchen upgrade ideas

Upgrading the kitchen on a budget is an intricate matter, but not a cold case. If you’re perfectly sure your kitchen furniture will serve you well for another couple of years, but its appearance is the sloppiest sight in your home, it’s high time to repair to some designer tricks and renovate the beauty and eye appeal of your kitchen!

Color palette tweaks.

Colors are perishable. Even if your kitchen boasts an efficient air extraction system (cooker hood, etc.), the painted furniture gradually grows paler, greasier and dirtier, despite the daily cleansing. Such being the case, the best budget-friendly solution is repainting the drawer units and cabinets with a fresh and light color. Several coloring options are exceptionally good in the kitchen context:

  1. White atop, black beneath. By painting the upper line of cabinets with white and the floor line with black, you’ll achieve a neat and understated color palette. To avoid extra severity, interweave a third color into both lines of cabinets, which will stitch together the black and white components into a harmonious composition.White and black kitchen
  2. Vivid blue. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors always appear stylish and sightly. An easy way to renovate such a furniture unit is to paint the backboard with a bright and saturated color such as blue. To harmonize the solution, place a set of snow-white china pieces behind the glass door of the cabinet.
  3. Shiny white. Surfaces of lily-white color has been an unchanged trend in USA kitchen interiors for at least half a century. Complement white cabinets and tables with light patterned curtains and textiles. To underscore the shiny whiteness of your kitchen furniture, paint the walls with a dark, saturated color.Shiny white kitchen in USA
  4. Elegant gray blue. Shades of light blue and gray offer a wonderful smoothing effect, which is a perfect means of camouflaging scratches and scuffs on the kitchen furniture.
  5. Contemporary orange. For a complete transformation of the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, apply a bold and extravagant color, such as orange. In combination with dark wood shades, the fashionable orange will seem neither provocative, nor childish. Worth adding, this bright and juicy color is also an appetite tempter!Contemporary orange kitchen
  6. Sunny yellow. A palette involving all pastel shades in the range from white to mustard yellow will infill your kitchen with sunlight and coziness, restoring its original loveliness.
  7. Saturated red. Several layers of wood stain will help uplifting the old kitchen furniture. After the treatment, the wood color will turn into a deep and saturated red.Saturated red kitchen
  8. Hot combination. Both yellow and red belong to the group of warm shades, and when combined withing one kitchen interior, they produce an amazing effect. Apply red to the walls, and yellow to the furniture to make your kitchen much warmer and cozier.
  9. Heavy metal. Looking for a modern and urban upgrade for your kitchen? Coven the surfaces of kitchen cabinets and counters with a metallic paint for attaining the desired look.Heavy metal kitchen
  10. Gradation. A great cheerful idea to customize the appearance of your kitchen drawer units is to paint each drawer with an individual color or shade. Try to pick up matching, harmonious combinations, such as “blue, light blue, sand yellow, ivory” or “orange, yolk yellow, lime, pale green.”

Accents, details, gimmickry.

Minor details matter. Even new door handles are able to freshen up the entire kitchen interior, introducing an original facet into your home in the USA. And if you add a couple of eye-catching decorations to this novelty, your guests will take notice of no shortcomings of your kitchen furniture.

  1. Accents. If your kitchen is far from being new and has certain imperfections, try adding several bright accents to capture all sights. However, this hint is inapplicable if the general color palette of your kitchen is saturated.
  2. Open shelves add up airiness. Focus your attention on the items you place on the shelves rather than on the shelves themselves. Bright jars, dinnerware, decorations, pot plants and flower arrangements will uplift the interior.Open shelves in US kitchen
  3. Note board. Purchase a jar of paint imitating chalkboard and paint the doors of a kitchen cabinet with it. It’ll serve well for jotting down recipes or shopping lists.
  4. Apple-pie order. Sometimes the cause of your wish to upgrade the kitchen is the never-ending mess reigning in there. A couple of kitchen organizers designed specifically for minor items that always get in your way will improve the situation.
  5. Fewer doors. Removing doors from several upper cabinets allows for enlarging the space visually. To deepen the effect, paint the backboards of the open cabinets with a dark color.Removing doors from kitchen cabinets
  6. Handles. For slight and quick renovation of your kitchen furniture, replace the traditional wooden handles with stylish tubular ones.
  7. Curtains. If one of your kitchen cabinets has lost its doors and you want to conceal the unattractive piles of dinnerware or pans inside it, curtains are just the idea you need! They will not only veil the cabinet’s contents from the eyes, but also allow for an easy access to the necessary items.
  8. Aging effects. Don’t be upset if the paint layer on your kitchen furniture looks worn out! Many US designers try to achieve this effect on purpose to give the furniture a vintage, Provence-style look. You just need to amplify the effect uniformly.
  9. Moldings are able to transform an ordinary kitchen cabinet into a palpable design masterpiece. Make sure the color of moldings stands in an eye-delighting contrast with the color of the cabinet.Moldings on kitchen cabinets
  10. Planks. To upgrade the look of the kitchen island, clapboard it with neat planks for creating a relief surface.

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