Kitchen storage ideas

In the kitchen, storage space is often what you’re very short of. The home improvement tricks below will throw sunshine on ways to employ to good use the spaces and surfaces, which you have always considered useless.

Utilizing the space around the kitchen door.

  1. Rack structure framing the door. It may be open or close, on one side of the door or on both – it all depends heavily on the layout of your kitchen. One fact is sure: if you put some painted vases, wicker baskets and other accessories on the door-framing rack, the decorative effect will be appealing enough. It’s a delightful bonus to the additional storage space formed by the structure. Open shelving units boast one more advantage: they add up volume and depth to the interior without “eating up” much space. If you fear dust, refer to a compromise solution: add glass doors to the rack.Rack structure framing the door in kitchen
  2. Ceiling cabinet above the door. According to USA and UK designers, ceiling cabinets are appropriate not only in the garage, but in the kitchen as well – especially when storage space is running low. For the under-the-ceiling cabinet not to appear too heavy, you can remove the doors and make it an open shelving unit. This solution has its drawbacks: climbing all the way up is not too convenient; moreover, not every kitchen can accommodate a railing ladder. Bear that in mind and avoid storing the daily necessities up there.Ceiling cabinet above the kitchen door in USA
  3. A plain shelf above the door. Having not enough space for a full-size ceiling cabinet above the door, you may find it a great solution to arrange a single open shelf there.shelf above the kitchen door It’s an absolutely budget-friendly idea for a kitchen room that doesn’t allow for a wall niche. To avoid cluttering up the interior, use the shelf for storing minor items in nice-looking boxes.

Using up the counters.

  1. A cabinet on the counter-top. Virtually every counter-top eventually becomes the place, where small kitchen appliances settle in – the microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, food processor, etc. They’re needed daily, so you cannot hide them far away. With that, they mostly work as poor decorations of the interior, and something needs to be done about it. An eye-pleasing idea is to hide the small appliances in a cabinet built on the counter. Saying goodbye to a part of the working surface is inevitable, but instead you’ll have the opportunity to tidy up your kitchen by simply closing this cabinet’s doors. It’s also wise to fit an inner wall of the cabinet with power outlets, so that you don’t have to move the small appliances from their “parking box.”Cabinet on the counter-top in kitchen
  2. Drawers for small appliances. It’s an alternative to the idea suggested above, which allows for freeing up more space on the counter. Arrange a kitchen cabinet as in the solution above, but put the appliances not right on the counter behind the cabinet doors, but on draw-able trays.
  3. Plinth-level drawers. Employing the space under the kitchen counters is a quite efficient storage solution, if your counters are high-legged. Specially designed plinth-level drawers are installed instead of the usual decorative panels used to cover the counter’s legs. Such drawers are convenient for storing small and flat items.Plinth-level drawers in kitchen
  4. A breadbox in the counter-top. Storing fresh bread is an almost-eternal problem. A good big bread-bin takes up a lot of space and hinders your kitchen-related activities when kept at hand. A wooden box built into the counter-top takes the issue off the table. Literally.breadbox in the counter-top of kitchen
  5. Knives in the counter-top. Special requirements should be observed when storage of knives is concerned. They should be within reach of your hand. They must be beyond the reach of young children. An interesting idea is to create a holder for the knives by making a slot in the counter-top, closer to the wall.Knives in the counter-top of kitchen

Other kitchen storage ideas.

  1. Overhead racking. Designing your kitchen, you may decide to move the line of working surfaces (counters) away from the wall and place a few chairs in the newly formed space, so that you can communicate with your home-mates or guests while cooking. The idea is great, but such a layout deprives you of the upper line of cabinets – and thus of valuable storage space. There is still a way to organize the upper line right overhead, above the island. Use light metallic structures with shelves: they’re easy to install, don’t encumber the space, and provide an opportunity for storing kitchen utensils at hand.Kitchen overhead storage ideas in USA
  2. Utilizing sidewalls. US designers traditionally call sidewalls of furniture the “dead space.” With some creativity employed, you can come up with an idea to use these rationally – for instance, arrange a railing for the dishcloth. If the passage around the piece of furniture is wide enough, you can add a few hooks and hang there the kitchen utensils. The railing can be metal or wooden; sometimes a decorative string tightened between two hooks is enough.Utilizing sidewalls of kitchen furniture
  3. A side wall cabinet. A very narrow and high cabinet leaned against the sidewall of the main storage unit or the fridge will hide your floor mops and brooms perfectly, with even some space left for household chemicals. Such a trick won’t spoil an elegant design, smoothly finishing both the upper and the lower kitchen furniture lines.side wall cabinet in kitchen
  4. A portable kitchen island with open shelves. It’s basically a movable kitchen station, which you can use as a part of the cooking area or the place for storing crockery. Whenever necessary, the portable island can be transformed into a serving table and moved to the dining areas with all the implements. When you want to have an unpretentious snack, you can use it as a compact dining table.portable kitchen island with open shelvesYou will find other ideas for organizing storage systems in our previous article: “Ideas for kitchen without cabinets“.

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