Kitchen Splashback Ideas 2020

Splashbacks, being the utility preventing oil and dirt from spreading over stove tops and working benches to the walls, are no longer should be just easy to clean but also become an essential design element, adding to the overall kitchen flavor, and sometimes even becomes its centerpiece, as in cases of printed glass or multicolored mosaics.

Modern splashbacks in 2020 are dominated by acrylic glass, but traditional materials of tiles and stone are still being widely used, as well as innovative mosaics, steel, and laminated aluminum. They still have to be able to resist dirt, water, oil, and flames, and require professional installation.

What can I use for a kitchen splashback in 2020?

  • Full glass splashback. Extremely easy to clean, this current design craze is quite expensive in total costs. You can pick any color of the glass, including metallic or printed glass, which can look visually stunning in 2020. However, extremely bright colors or prints can make you tired after a short while, which is why most people enjoy seeing them in show rooms but prefer something simpler for their own kitchens in the USA.Full glass splashback in kitchen in USA 2020
  • Natural stone. Even more pricey than full glass, these splashbacks are easy maintenance and will last forever. Beautiful and elegant, stone splashbacks can be made from slab or tiles, granite, marble, or any other natural stone, polished or laminated. You can decide to use the same color stone as for your bench tops, or a contrasting shade.Natural stone splashback in kitchen 2020
  • Tiles. Good old tiles will cut down your costs and provide a well-suited all-purpose splashback for your kitchen that will fit its needs. You can still select some interesting tiles as opposed to clean-cut white or grey. A contrasting combination may add just as much visual impact as glass or stone.Tiles splashback in kitchen in USA
  • Mosaics. Being basically a variation of tiles, mosaics come in various shades and materials, including stone, glass, and metals. They are more expensive than regular tiles and may be harder to keep clean as a splashback, having so many small parts and indentations. However, mosaics can look great, and done correctly, could be just as simple in maintenance as tiles.Mosaics splashback
  • Metal panels. It is the most affordable solution on the market, panels made from steel or aluminum in diverse shades of metallic and regular color palette. They will last long and duly fulfill their function.Metal panels in kitchen
  • Artistic. We have already talked about printed glass but this variant takes it a step further: you can actually order a painting from an artist in US and use it as your splashback. Remember giant wall paper pictures? You can achieve a similar effect with an artistic panel under your cabinets.Artistic splashback in USA 2020
  • Window as a splashback. This has become quite a workable trend in 2020: instead of a splash-back, there is a window under the cabinets, which provides additional lighting for your kitchen space. This is more practical for newly designed homes in the USA, but if you are renovating, and there is a possibility to cut a window through the kitchen wall, you may wish to look into this alternative.Window as a splashback in kitchen 2020
  • Combination of the above. Who said you should choose only one? You can combine two solutions, putting together tiles and mosaics, or metal panels and glass.
  • Add LED cable lighting to your splashback. Modernize your kitchen in 2020 with a colored LED lighting, which highlights or changes the color of your splash-back.

Here are the kitchen splashback trends 2020 right now!

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