Kitchen renovation costs in USA 2020

Kitchen renovation costs in USA are always huge, even though the room size is small. A kitchen is often much more expensive than other rooms in the house. Therefore, before starting renovation work you need to draw up a detailed plan and project design for understanding the final result. This will help to prevent the dismantling of installed equipment and additional costs for materials. Thus, you will elaborate an action plan that will allow relatively inexpensive to make a great renovation maximum saving your budget.

How much is the kitchen renovation in USA?

The cost depends on the work scope (for example, a full or only partial kitchen conversion), as well as on the size of your kitchen. Of course, the price also varies depending on the quality level of electrical equipment and devices.

The USA Remodeling Magazine’s national figures are around $18,856 to $54,509 in 2020. But they usually get this information from professionals of this industry, like realtors, designers, builders, remodelers. The average kitchen renovation costs in USA are almost $37,000. Most kitchen renovations take $19,000 – $36,000 in 2020, but if the homeowner will do some work by his own hands, there may be a chance to save some money.How much is the kitchen renovation in USA 2020

How to arrange kitchen renovation without unnecessary costs?

The main task is to determine correctly scope of work. For example, in the case of low-cost repair you should take care of putting in order the ceiling, walls and floor. This work can be done independently. If you plan a huge kitchen renovation, you need to think of ways how to replace plumbing, communications, windows, doors and kitchen sets.How to arrange kitchen renovation without unnecessary costs in USA 2020

The kitchen renovation includes two types of costs: cost of work and materials.

Materials for the kitchen reconstruction:

  • Set
    Replacement of the kitchen set is the biggest cost item in the design and repair. Alternative ways for reducing the cost of the kitchen renovation are American domestic manufacturers. They will help to reduce not only the material, but also the time required to update the kitchen. Unlike foreign producers, who have certain standard set sizes, domestic kitchen set can be custom made with individual dimensions.
  • Pipes
    Replacing pipes, you can choose economical option in the form of plastic constructions for sewage and steel-reinforced plastic or polypropylene pipes for plumbing. They are much cheaper than copper or steel ones. For inexpensive hiding out of communications use drywall or plastic boxes, which can easily fit into the kitchen interior. These materials are low in cost and all work can be done by hand. If you are planning a cheap kitchen renovation, the pipes can be left open, but arrange them in the general kitchen style.renovation of pipes in the kitchen
  • Wiring
    Electric wiring with a small cross-section can not stand all the time increasing load and can be welded, so in order to avoid fire, it is necessary to use the new wiring with a maximum section. In addition, it is desirable to use sockets and switches from high-quality materials and plastic inserts for sockets.
  • Ceiling
    The cheapest option would be aligned and painted ceiling. You can align it by using the putty and after drying it, paint the surface with water-based paint. You may stick to the ceiling foam plastic plates, which are also quite inexpensive. There is a large variety of options on the American market from which you may choose from the relief plates of different colors to “tree” looking plates. The higher cost of ceiling decoration is with tensioning ceilings.painting walls and ceilings in the kitchen
  • Walls
    For inexpensive renovation, choose the cheapest materials. As an option you may select sticking wallpaper or painting in the desired color. But before this you need to make the walls with a flat surface, repairing all the cracks and holes, including those where there is a new wiring. Perfect wall condition can be achieved with putty. Wallpapers should be better washable, even though they are more expensive than usual. Savings in this case are not relevant, because it can further lead to serious problems.

Hire a professional or work for yourself?

Professional work in the kitchenThis process is a little more complicated than in other rooms, and if it fails, it could have bad consequences. Often people prefer to make with their own hands all the renovations, rather than to perform just those they are confident about. Start your renovation only with ways that you can easily cope. The rest leave for professionals, who do these types of work every day. A good way to start and get an idea of the cost – to request offers from several different companies.

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