Kitchen planning guide.

Let your personal style lead the way to kitchen-design success.

Kitchen planning guide.

Make it yours. Start your planning process from downloadable Kitchen Planning Guide.

Appliances. Stainless steel still rules. But take a look at newer finishes like glossy white, glossy black, and slate—a muted matte gray that hides fingerprints. Or go low-profile by integrating appliances into the cabinetry.

Cabinetry Today, less is more. Cabinets feature straight lines, recessed or raised panels, and more subtle ornamentation. Add furniture-style features to complement adjoining spaces.

Surfaces. Stone and stone looks continue to be strong players. Reflective surfaces add a touch of glam. Boost backsplash style with tone-on- tone tile designs that introduce texture and subtle pattern.

Ultimate entertainer.

Your goal? To create a gracious space for interacting with guests.

Kitchen planning guide
Ever notice that guests always gather in the kitchen? Make yours party-ready with the right amenities to handle dinner, drinks, and socializing. Start with an open floor plan that keeps the kitchen at center stage. Include at least one island (framed by wide aisles to enhance traffic flow) for food prep, food presentation, and congregating guests. Choose a quiet dishwasher and range hood to ease conversation. And don’t forget the wine cooler; at any size, it simplifies serving by keeping favorite bottles at the forefront.

US expert tip: Follow the dining room’s lead and hang a dressy light fixture—such as a crystal chandelier—above the island. Install a dimmer switch to help set the right mood.

Busy family.

Your goal? To design a stylish kitchen for food, family, and fun.

Kitchen planning guide for USA
You need a space that looks great while serving up meals and get-together for folks with hectic schedules. Opt for an open floor plan that ties the kitchen into comfy living spaces. Add a large island to handle casual dining, homework, and crafts. Devise multi-functional work zones that can switch gears at a moment’s notice. Set up dual prep areas that let the whole family share in the joy of cooking. And choose durable surfaces of stone, quartz surfacing, or metal that stand up to heavy use.

There’s a real movement right now to design kitchens as living spaces where families can hang out and do more than cook, dine, and clean.

US expert tip:  Store everything from cookware to canned goods with cabinet organizers that make the most of available space: pullout pantries, sliding shelves, drawer inserts, dish drawers with pegs, and more.

Serious cook.

Your goal? To create a kitchen that’s as practical as it is posh.
Kitchen planning guide in the USA

So you want to indulge your passion for cooking in a space that’s as efficient as it is elegant. Start with a cook- friendly layout that minimizes steps. Choose style-setting cabinets to store cookware, tools, and ingredients where you use them. Select professional-style appliances to add power and drama to the mix. Install gorgeous stretches of countertop for food prep and presentation. And include at least one island for a second chef and any visitors who want to hang out while you cook.

No more than five steps should be taken to complete a task. No one really wants a larger kitchen so they can work more.

US expert tip: Customize your work zones with unique surfaces. Wrap a countertop with mosaic tile. Give stone slabs hand-hew edges for an artisan look. Light quartzite countertops from underneath.

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