Kitchen organization ideas for small kitchens

Accommodating many household appliances, kitchen utensils, and special devices, the kitchen has always been a tricky challenge for owners who wish to organize the space with maximal efficiency. Countless little things, cans, boxes and bags are able to fill all the niches and corners and decrease the room’s decorative and aesthetic appeal, especially in a small kitchen – unless you find a way to organize and sort them through.

Interior designers from the USA and many other countries around the globe seek and create new ways of organizing the kitchen space, which helps many people in solving problems related to ergonomic organization of kitchenware. The designers’ ideas presented in this article are a selection of the most popular contemporary space organization solutions for small kitchens. Hopefully some of them will inspire you to change your kitchen for the better and more ergonomic.

13 kitchen organization ideas for small kitchens.

  1. Designer closet.
    A small but functional walk-in closet is an awesome idea of organizing the useful kitchen space. It’s a corner where you’ll be able to store a thousand necessary little things in numerous drawers and on a plenty of shelves. Be sure to opt for a kitchen closet with sliding doors: when opened, they’ll hide inside the the slots in the wall without taking up any precious closet with sliding doors
  2. Corner counter with drawers.
    Corner furniture with drawers is a creative solution that allows for using wisely even such inconvenient parts of your kitchen as the corners. The drawers that go into the corner counter or cabinet diagonally are more spacious than in regular storage units, which means you can hide a lot of kitchenware out of sight but at hand.Corner furniture for small kitchen
  3. Drawer for cooking utensils.
    For storing tableware in one place and close at hand, a perfect idea is a drawer equipped with stainless steel cups for each flatware type (knives, forks, spoons, tea spoons, etc.). Even if you’re on a tight budget and cannot afford hiring a designer, such a storage unit is easy to DIY.Drawer For Cooking Utensils
  4. Drawer under kitchen sink.
    The large counter housing the sink may have some unused space inside. A simple but ergonomic idea is to arrange there a drawer for storing cleaning supplies and other essential sink-related items. This solution will save you a while of searching around the kitchen for the needed cleaning product. For equipping your kitchen with such a nice storage unit, you just need to purchase a draw-out organizer.
  5. Draw-out wastebasket.
    A deep drawer hiding the unattractive wastebaskets out of sight is a simple yet great-looking ideas that allows to free the kitchen space from unnecessary items. Besides the wastebasket, the drawer will be a great place for storing garbage bags and air fresheners.Draw-out wastebasket for small kitchen
  6. Drawer for storing baking forms.
    The lowest drawer of a section is the perfect place for storing various baking belongings, such as forms and plaques, molds and pans. Many would agree with this statement, especially those whose hobby is baking cakes, muffins and pies. For efficient storage, you’ll need a drawer separated vertically into 5-7 sections. Wood or metal planks work great as the partitions. You can purchase a ready-made drawer or transform one of the drawers available in your kitchen.
  7. Niche for storing home appliances.
    Freeing up the kitchen counters from all the appliances is probably a dream of every mistress. A tiny wall niche at the point where the counter contacts the wall is a popular solution to hide away small kitchen devices, such as toasters, blenders or mixers, when they’re unnecessary. For maximal convenience, opt for a niche with folding doors.Niche For Storing Home Appliances
  8. Organizer for kitchen cabinet.
    If your kitchen cabinet is spacious enough, fit it with a draw-out organizer and convenient shelves on the inner side of the doors. Such an organization idea is the unquestionable favorite of many owners of tiny kitchens. If your kitchen is too small for a full-fledged walk-in closet, it’s a doubly great idea. Numerous shelves and a carousel-type draw-out organizer will help you store the necessary little things in a perfect order and always at hand.Organizer For Kitchen Cabinet
  9. Portable kitchen counter.
    A wheeled kitchen counter with drawers offers an additional tabletop working surface and some extra space for storing your kitchenware at the same time. Such a drawer unit can even be employed as a kitchen island (especially in tiny kitchens) or as a serving table, for it’s easy to move around or to another room.Portable Kitchen Counter
  10. Drawer for storing spices.
    A thin, narrow vertical drawer is the perfect spot for storing various jars of spices. Those fond of cooking spicy Mexican or Indian dishes will surely appreciate this wise organization solution.
  11. Enormous drawer for storing dinnerware.
    A deep, spacious and robust drawer is able to store all sorts of dishes and dinnerware. Even the youngest members of your family will easily find the necessary plate or bowl. US designers have managed to create drawers able to accommodate up to 45 kg of dinnerware, with dis-mountable wooden props preventing the fragile dishes from colliding with each other.Enormous Drawer For Storing Dinnerware in USA
  12. Built-In bet bowls.
    Pet bowls built into kitchen furniture are popular in many homes of pet owners. Cats and dogs are usually regarded as family members, so it’s quite convenient when the pet’s bowl isn’t getting in your way, but always remains in one and the same spot.Pet bowls built into kitchen furniture
  13. Open shelves.
    Open shelves are a popular modern trend in kitchen interiors. Stainless steel or wooden shelves can accommodate decorative small things and accessories, as well as the frequently used dinnerware.Open shelves in kitchen

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