Kitchen magnet ideas

The potential of use of magnets in the kitchen is frequently underappreciated, while magnet-involving design ideas are often overlooked. But when it comes to storage and organization solutions for small kitchens, magnets are your reliable multi-functional ally. A magnetic splash-back will hold some of your kitchen utensils, while protecting the wall from water. A bottle opener with magnetic behavior will not only open a beer for you, but also capture the metal bottle cap. Whether small or wall-size, functional or purely decorative, magnetic accessories will complement your home excellently.

Magnetic kitchen wall: finishing materials.

  1. Magnetic paint. It’s based on water emulsion mixed with fine metal particles. Such a finishing does not have a magnetic field of its own, but it does attract magnets, allowing you to attach various items to the painted surface. It’s an environmentally benign idea applicable in the kitchen as well as in other room of your home in the USA.Magnetic paint in your kitchen Some types of magnetic paint retain their properties even when covered with regular wallpaper. The solution is affordable, which allows for using it for:
    • Creating exclusive kitchen design projects. Magnetic paint is great for frequent renovations.
    • Maintaining order and tidiness in your kitchen. Very many magnetic accessories and holders can be attached right to the painted wall.
  2. Magnetic wallpaper. Its main dissimilarity from the traditional “paper wallpaper” is the presence of ferrite inclusions in the material composition, which takes vinyl resins and metal powder as the basis. To put it simple, magnetic wallpaper has metal in it, which manifests itself interacting with magnets. Despite the distinctive magnetic properties, such wallpaper is lightweight, flexible, durable, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Just as standard wallpaper, the magnetic type is quite easy to apply to the kitchen walls. Its main peculiarity is the combination of stylishness and functionality.Magnetic wallpaper in your kitchen A wall covered with magnetic wallpaper is a large interactive surface for you to exercise your creative skills on. Each roll of such wallpaper usually comes with a small set of magnets, which you can employ according to your needs.

Magnetic holders for minor kitchen items.

  1. Magnetic knife holders are much-loved by USA interior designers. This popular modern solution has a number of advantages:
    • Space saving: the magnetic holder attaches to the wall, so that you don’t need a separate drawer or stand for storing the knives.
    • Convenience: the knives’ blades are right before your eyes, so you can be sure you take just the one you need.
    • Safety: you can attach the holder at a height where your children will be unable to reach the knives.Magnetic holders for kitchen
    • Versatility: magnetic holders are suitable for storing not only knives, but also other metal items (spatulas, tongs, spoons, forks, etc.).
  2. Magnetic washrag holders. If you’re tired of the washrags staying wet and messy on the bottom of the kitchen sink, this simple and great invention is the solution of you problem. It basically looks like some sort of a handle with magnetic insertions, which allow you to attach the accessory to an inner wall of the kitchen sink. After you’re done washing, hang the washrag around this small holder – water will drop off quickly into the sink. The rag will stay dry, out of sight and within easy reach. Unfortunately, the idea works only with metal kitchen sinks.Magnetic washrag holders for kitchen
  3. Magnets in kitchen sponges. The idea is generally similar to the one described above: they’re both about storing dish-washing accessories at hand. A magnet hidden inside a sponge allows for attaching it to the metal kitchen sink. After the sponge is worn out, you can remove the magnet and install it into a new sponge.
  4. Magnets in potholders and oven mittens. Whether you have a creative DIY pair of oven mittens or a store-bought oven cloth, a small magnet will always keep them at hand for you. Sew it into both mittens and you’ll be able to attach them to any steel or iron surface in your kitchen.Magnets in potholders for kitchen
  5. Kitchen towels with magnets. Where does your kitchen towel normally go? On a hook, door handle, the handle of the fridge? Try improving the towel by sewing a small magnet in its corner – now you can attach this piece of cloth to any metal surface, such as a side of the fridge, the oven or any other large kitchen appliance.Kitchen towels with magnets

Other kitchen magnet ideas.

  1. Magnet screen doors. Made of transparent mesh fabric, such a screen is attached to the top and sides of the doorway. It consists of two vertical curtains, their inner edges fitted with magnetic stripes. After you open the screen and pass through the door, the two stripes come together behind your back and are fixed into a solid screen due to the interaction of the magnets. Such a magnetic screen is actually an improved version of the traditional insect screen: its best application is on the kitchen door that leads to the backyard, patio or balcony. While letting the fresh air in and being no bar to your pets, the magnetic net door is a forbidding obstacle for insects.Magnet screen for kitchen doors
  2. Magnetic curtain tiebacks. It’s a stylish idea of clip accessories for kitchen curtains that allows for arranging them into drapes or tying them back whenever necessary. Being a versatile decoration, magnetic curtain tiebacks can be used not only for the intended purpose, but also as the curtain rings for attaching the curtain to the rod. When purchasing magnetic tiebacks, go off of the type of fabric your kitchen curtains are made of. Pick up fine and elegant tiebacks for net curtains to avoid damaging the delicate tissue; opt for massive accessories with large magnets if you need to tie back curtains made of a heavy material.Magnetic curtain tiebacks for kitchen Magnetic tiebacks for curtains have several advantages: they’re functional, extremely easy to apply, durable and affordable – and it’s a simple DIY project, besides the point.

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