Kitchen island design ideas

Undoubtedly, kitchen is the most important place in the house when it comes to selling. Real estate agents will pledge it’s true. The first place in a house women check when a couple is buying a new home is its kitchen.

Sufficient spaces for food processing and drying of oversized dishes or pots are compulsory. Careful selection of where these key points are going to be located in your future kitchen is paramount. Even small spaces can become much more useful with thoughtful approach to these issues:

  • Too much space between these points, and you are wasting time when cooking.
  • Too little space, and you don’t have sufficient room for doing the work.

Kitchen island ideas.

Islands are a big trend in today’s kitchen design. In short, kitchen island is a table in the middle of the room that is usually positioned parallel to one of the other cupboards and cabinets by the wall. The kitchen island will be normally rectangle or square.Kitchen island trend

The reason for having an island lies exactly in the issues discussed above — the workflow. Having an island in the middle of the kitchen allows to bring sink and stove closer together, as well as having additional work space on the bench. Most often it is the sink that is located in the kitchen island, although some US designers may have a dissimilar vision.Kitchen Island idea in USA

Your kitchen island may have:

  • One level, two, or multilevel. Levels allow to separate areas of the bench for other purposes, such as having a level serving as a breakfast bar, a workspace, and a table for displaying fruit or snacks.
  • Storage. From simply having additional cabinets filled with the usual pots and plates, to sophisticated wine display shelves.
  • Table and bar. It’s great to have a bar with high swiveling chairs, makes cooking breakfasts in the morning so much more fun. Drinks at night with friends or your special someone while you are cooking also sound quite enjoyable. If the kids need supervision and you need to make dinner, they can do their homework there. Leave some leg space under the table of the bar.Kitchen island with bar
  • Built-in cool gadgets holder. Not sure where to put that steamer or an additional microwave with grill? You can plan for a built-in machine to be put within the island, making it easily accessible when cooking.
  • Perfect work space. Being able to access your work bench from two sides is certainly a huge advantage.
  • Dishwasher locale. If you are having your sink within the island, it makes perfect sense to put a dishwasher nearby.
  • Double sink. With more space available, it’s definitely worth to have a double sink, which will allow you more freedom when washing dishes or cutting vegetables. Remember if you are left-handed, you can design the space to fit your needs.Double sink on island kitchen
  • Tuck-in table. Your island may feature a tuck-in table, that can be open to allow the family sit down for dinner. If the space is limited, this can be preferable to a formal dining area.
  • Curved desktop. Who said that your table top has to match the island in shape? You can curve the sides of the tabletop, thus ensuing less injuries from running into corners, and add some smoothness to the lines.
  • Floor and ceiling island. Add more impact to your design by duplicating the island on the ceiling in a bright or pastel colored panel several inches thick. Install all lighting features in this panel.
  • Curved island. If you feel truly creative and the space allows, try a curved island. If you remember curved executive tables, imagine a similar construction in steel or marble. It can also be duplicated by a hanging over panel from the top.Curved island kitchen
  • Your kitchen island can be made in the same color as your main cabinets and cupboards, or in a contrasting color. Today most people opt for marble or granite tops, made of slab or composite. Stone tops have the advantage of lasting longer and being generally easier in maintenance.
  • For budget-conscious, going for laminate in colors of stone or wood may be an option. In the future, laminate table tops could be replaced with stone, if desired.
  • Wood as a feature always looks sensational in the kitchen, bringing the feelings of warmth and depth. With the island, it’s easy to incorporate it in the design, because one side of the bench will face away from the stove, towards the living room. Having a wooden feature will help to streamline the transition from a utilitarian space of the kitchen to the lifestyle freedom of the living room. Or you can use wood for the whole island, if you wish, as some people prefer.Wooden kitchen island
  • For a striking effect, try to lift your island bench a few inches over the floor, so that it appears as if it’s floating. You don’t need to use door handles on the draws, as there are new touch opening draws available, which will streamline your design even further.Modern Kitchen island

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