DIY Wall Art Ideas for kitchen

Adorning the walls with DIY treasures of art is a way to impart a distinctive character and identity to your kitchen. The category of kitchen on-wall handicrafts and arts involves both helpful small things and decorative pretty-pretties, with each of the handmade items being unique and soulful.

Purely decorative kitchen DIY wall arts.

  1. Interior stickers. If you lack bombastic artistic skills, opt for ready-made vinyl stickers (aka wall tattoos) for actualizing your creativeness in the kitchen interior. The range of designs is broad, but traditionally they apply vignettes, lettering and recognizable silhouettes. Wall tattoos are fade-resistant, affordable, maintenance-free and extremely easy to apply.Interior sticker in the USA kitchen interior
  2. Stencil arts. This option is not much trickier. You buy a stencil, fix it to the wall with a sticky tape, dip the roller into paint and form the silhouette. After the picture dries up, wash it with varnish to fix the result.Stencil in the kitchen interior
  3. Wooden chopping boards. Sometimes ordinary kitchen items, the beauty of which usually remains unnoticed, can be transformed into artistic and creative on-wall decorations. If you have several old wooden cutting boards, hang them on the kitchen wall to form an eye-filling arrangement. Rolling pins, metal trays and vintage serving dishes will bear a fine company to the chopping boards. If you have minimal carpenter skills, you can DIY the wooden items. If artistic skills are your cup of tea, add a few splashes of creativeness and adorn the boards with a beautiful ornament, carving or poker-work.Wooden items in the kitchen interior
  4. Plates, dishes and trays. If your kitchen boasts a country or classic interior, you can beautify the walls with serving plates, paying tribute to traditions. It’s totally unnecessarily to purchase decorative dishes, as regular porcelain or ceramic plates will do. Bright crockery pieces, such as Delftware, are especially good. If you feel artistic enough, try purchasing plain white plates and painting them in accordance with the unique style of your kitchen. If you decide to work with serving trays, try to attain a vintage look for the highest eye appeal.Dishes and trays in the kitchen interior
  5. On-wall silverware collage. Sets of expensive cutlery are traditionally presented in fine boxes with velvet trimming. But this DIY art idea is based on a contrast of textures and involves placing silver pieces against the background of plain sackcloth. Use super-glue to attach a knife, a fork and a couple of spoons to the canvas, then add a plain wooden frame and hang the finished collage in a prominent place on the kitchen wall.On-wall silverware collage in the kitchen

Useful DIY on-wall decorations in your kitchen.

  1. Chalkboard wallpaper. Decorating kitchen walls with the help of wallpaper requires certain expenditures and efforts, but it’s the simplest and highly effective DIY way to renovate the kitchen interior. In the USA and the UK, chalkboard wallpaper has grown into fashion relatively recently. Unlike ordinary wallpaper and photo-murals, the chalkboard type can function not only as an unconstrained, lively and changeable decoration that stands in contrast to the rest of the interior. It can also serve as a vast expanse for jotting down recipes and making notes, as well as for lettering or your children’s creative attempts. If you’re not ready to allocate a whole wall for this purpose, cover a small patch with chalkboard wallpaper and frame it like a picture.Chalkboard wallpaper in the US kitchen interior
  2. DIY shelves. It’s another simple idea for those who have woodwork skills. Neat DIY shelves serve well as a complement to the kitchen cabinets and can accommodate a lot of minor items, keeping them within your easy reach. If you’re a novice in carpentering, start with making an open rectangular shelf. Think in advance about the shelf’s purpose, design and intended load. If you have advanced skills, try constructing a corner shelf or a grille shelf. The finished piece can be adorned with carvings, paintings, decoupage illustrations, etc.DIY shelves in the kitchen interior
  3. Potholders. These can be both a functional kitchen attribute and a nice on-wall decoration. DIY potholders are a way of creative self-fulfillment for those who enjoy sewing and embroidering. The range of ideas is immense: butterflies, hearts, paws, leaves to name but a few. On-wall arrangements of potholders appear especially good in cozy and homely interiors, such as country or Provence.DIY potholdersin the kitchen interior
  4. A cloth doll as a trash bag holder. It strikes the eye like an ordinary cloth doll, but its lower part contains a small bag. If you hang such a decorative item on the wall near the trashcan, you’ll always have fresh garbage bags at hand. The handicraft looks great and requires minimal sewing skill. Search for relevant master classes on the web.Cloth doll as a trash bag holder

Important note: In the pursuit of creative self-fulfillment, stylishness and coziness, do things in an adult way. Don’t go overboard about decorations – otherwise your kitchen may lose its functionality, turning into an exhibition of handmade items. Bear in mind the safety requirements as well – try to downsize the presence of flammable materials in this room of your US home, especially near the naked flame sources (if there are any) and heating elements.

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  1. A collection of colorful vintage Bundt pans in assorted shapes lends retro flair to a kitchen or pantry wall. Bonus: You can take em down and use them as needed.

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