DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas

DIY decorations and handicrafts are important for creating a one-of-a-kind kitchen interior. If you spend a while searching the web, you’ll find an immense scope of instructions and guides on how to transform old jars, bottles, patches of cloth and other needless sundries into masterpieces of homemade decor. In this article, we’ve selected the most interesting and simplest ideas of employing textiles and revitalizing various improvised materials that you would otherwise throw in the trash.

Textile DIY kitchen decorations.

  1. Sachets. These are cloth bags of any shape filled with aromatic dried herbs or other ingredients that diffuse an attractive, long-standing odor. Sachets are extremely easy to home-make; you’ll obtain neat bags even if you absolutely lack sewing skills. As for the flavoring material, you can employ spices (cinnamon, vanilla), aromatic herbs (lavender, lemon balm), citrus peel, etc. If you think the finished sachet looks not too appealing, you can hang it inside a kitchen cabinet (but not in the one where you store flour and other odor-absorbing ingredients).Textile sachets DIY kitchen decoration
  2. Crocheted table napkins. If you’ve taken crochets in hand just recently, but the desire to decorate the kitchen with DIY pieces is burning, crocheted table napkins are just the idea for you. Particularly suitable in styles such as Provence and Country, lace doilies will instantly uplift the interior. Elated with success at the crocheting front, you might even want to try your artistry and magic up a delicate crocheted tablecloth.Crocheted table napkins- DIY kitchen decoration
  3. Chair pads. Decorative pads for kitchen stools are an example of eye-pleasing small details that impart a lived-in appearance to the home and highlight the owner’s creativeness. The soft seat pads will come in useful not only for decorating the kitchen, but also for raising the level of comfort. You can DIY such a wholesome item from pieces of fabric purchased at a textile store, by crocheting, or from improvised materials, such as old clothes.Chair pads- DIY kitchen decoration in USA
  4. “Clothes” for crockery. An up-to-date trend spreading across the USA and the UK flash-like is DIY “garments” for kitchen hollow-ware – cups, teapots, coffee pots, etc. Items of patchwork or crocheted design enjoy the greatest popularity. In addition to loveliness and enhanced feeling of coziness, such decorative pieces of clothing possess certain helpfulness: a coffee mug in a sweater will keep your aromatic beverage hot for longer. Many do-it-yourselves go even further and sew patchwork covers for flowerpots and kitchen appliances.Clothes for crockery- DIY kitchen decoration
  5. Home-tailored curtains. Having basic sewing skills, you’ll find it uncomplicated to tailor a nice curtain for the kitchen window. The simplest option is Roman blinds, while drapes require more efforts and skills. If you don’t feel confident enough about sewing curtains with your own hands, you can decorate the store-bought pieces with DIY tiebacks, beaded threads, flowers, butterflies, lambrequins or frills. If you fill super-confident, try and crotchet the kitchen curtains.Home-tailored curtains- DIY kitchen decoration

Other DIY kitchen decorating ideas.

  1. Cork hot pad. Like to treat yourself to some fine wine? But what about the corks? Don’t throw them away anymore, as 30-40 wine corks can be put to wonderful use. With a little effort, you can cobble together an unusual and beautiful ECO-style hot pad. Make sure all the corks are of the same height, and then fasten them together with silicone adhesive.Hot pad- DIY kitchen decoration
  2. Disposable flatware as the kitchen lampshade. Don’t rush to throw away used plastic forks, spoons and knives. This stuff may be utilized creatively to form a treasure of your kitchen interior. A stylish lampshade made out of disposable flatware impresses deeply with its unconventional design and the fanciful shadow pattern it casts upon the ceiling. Use energy-saving lamps only, as your plastic lampshade may melt upon heating.DIY kitchen lampshade
  3. Bottles with colored salt. Neat clear glass bottles with multicolored content capture attention and appear great in a US kitchen interior of any style. Take a package of salt, color it with gouache or food colorants and wait until the salt is completely dry. Then take a dry bottle and pour the colored salt in there through a funnel to form a dozen of layers of different colors. Take your time, because if you spoil a layer, there will be no way to correct it – even Cinderella won’t be able to sort out the salt crystals.DIY Bottles with colored salt in US kitchen
  4. DIY fridge magnets. These represent a cheap and quick way to liven the kitchen interior up. Moreover, they’re a way to keep your notes, recipes and shopping lists in plain view. This DIY project opens up an incredibly vast scope for your imagination, as fridge magnets can be made of virtually anything: cardboard, your holiday photos, pieces of fabric, glass, wood, stone, plastic, paper-mâché, polymer clay, and even dough! For the fridge magnets to match your kitchen’s ECO-style interior, take a handful of wine corks, make a hole in each, fill it with soil and plant a seed in there. Don’t forget to re-pot the plants after their height exceeds an inch!DIY Eco fridge magnets
  5. Cup coasters out of old CDs. Favorite teacups and coffee mugs often lack cup plates – that’s the prerogative feature of tea equipages. But if you put a hot cup directly onto the kitchen table, you may spoil the polish or scratch the glass table-top. An elegant cup coaster is easy to DIY out of a damaged CD and two patched of nicely patterned fabric. Note that the compact disk covered with cloth may not be ironed and requires hand washing.Cup coasters out of old CDs

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