2021 kitchen design ideas

Every year manufacturers of kitchen furniture strive to bring their collections to the highest level of convenience, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Every year interior designers discover new color and texture solutions for kitchens. A whole array of experts work arduously so that you can find everything to fulfill your cherished dream of a perfect kitchen – functional, convenient, beautiful and stylish. Let’s consider some new 2021 ideas and pro-level pieces of advice relevant to this part of your home.

2021 interior: Top 4 designer’s advice.

  1. Simple design. Intricacy stands low today. If you want the depth of your design idea to be obvious, bank on high-tech appliances with simple and concise exterior. Despite the seeming simplicity, every detail should be elaborated. Laconic kitchen ideas are in 2021’s vogue.
  2. Fascinating furniture accessories. This aspect is a recoup opportunity for those who don’t want to oversimplify their home – in particular, the kitchen. Although highly decorative furniture accessories are generally popular, make sure they fit into your kitchen design concept better than snow in harvest. Another 2021 trend in the USA is the absolute absence of handles on designer’s kitchen cabinets and cupboards, which is sure to appeal to minimalism fans.Top 4 designer's advice- USA 2021
  3. Open shelves are this season’s pink of fashion, both for the kitchen and the living room. Such furniture pieces fit excellently into almost any interior.
  4. Functional spot lights. Lighting design plays two roles in an interior: it illuminates the room and places accents or highlights the focal points. Wisely arranged spot lights allow for drawing the beholder’s attention away from some drawbacks of the kitchen room.

2021 kitchen color palette.

  • The Marsala color and its shades continue their triumphal march through USA kitchen interiors.Kitchen marsala color in USA
  • The Bordeaux color is another 2020 wine shade that remains on the peak in 2021 as well.
  • Chestnut brown is a classic color that conveys the warmth of autumn.
  • The eggplant color is the designers’ top pick among rich and saturated shades.Kitchen eggplant color
  • Lily-white symbolizes tenderness and purity.
  • Turquoise freshens up any kitchen interior, if applied in moderate amounts.
  • Various shades of gray are preferred, if your kitchen is combined with the living room.
  • Black is the all-season classic color.Kitchen black color

2021 ideas for small kitchens.

  • Carousel shelves represent a very smart and simple idea. A carousel is shelving unit able to revolve around its axis. The structure of such a unit is usually circularly shaped; carousels are installed inside kitchen cabinets, within convenient reach. To take the necessary item from the shelf, you just need to turn the structure around. This designer’s invention is intended to increase the ergonomics of a small kitchen, allowing for useful employment of the most nasty ‘deadlock’ corners.Carousel shelves in kitchen
  • Louvered cupboards with wood, aluminum or even glass slats. Exterior appearance of such a cupboard is very compact; the louvered front provides good aesthetics, while ensuring ventilation for the cupboard’s contents.
  • Glossy surfaces possess a good reflective ability. The mirror effect expands the scope of the room visually, which makes sense in the case of a small kitchen.Mirror ideas for small kitchens
  • ‘Invisible’ furniture (also known as ‘floating’ furniture). The idea involves stylish lightweight structures made of glass or transparent plastic. It’s a stylish, contemporary and elegant solution that plays into the hands of the owner of a tiny kitchen.

Kitchen in a studio apartment: 2021 zoning ideas.

  • Soft seating furniture, with backs of arm-chairs or sofas turned to the kitchen area.
  • Multi-level floor is an old but useful trick. Besides separating the areas, the podium section can provide some storage space.
  • Multi-level ceiling is a more complicated solution, but it’s more impressive, too.Multi-level ceiling in kitchen
  • Different lighting patterns. Make the lights in the kitchen shine brighter than in other areas of the studio.
  • Kitchen bars stay in fashion. Any studio interior gains from such a separation means.
  • Contrasting colors. The scope of this solution’s application is immense: walls, floor, accessories, furniture.

Combined kitchen/living rooms: 2021 division ideas.

Combining the kitchen and the parlor within one room, you create a large space of unified design. The dining area is usually shifted to the living room zone, due to which the kitchen obtains more spaciousness.Combined kitchen/living rooms in USA 2021 In 2021, US designers pay enhanced attention to partitions – the elements used to visually separate the two zones. Popular are the following solutions:

  • Gypsum board faux walls;
  • Arches;
  • Folding screens;
  • Columns;
  • Shelving units.

Important note: Don’t overload the shelves with minor decorative items, souvenirs and knick-knacks. The shelving unit used as a partition is not intended for the fluff. Only a few stylish accents denoting the transition of one area into another are allowed.

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