Storage Ideas For Children’s Room

The children’s room is the most creative corner of your home in the USA, its interior being the most difficult to design. Free up some space in your kid’s dwelling with the help of a bunch of easy to arrange storage ideas for items that are the most abundant in the room: toys, book, and clothes.

Unusual Toys Storage Ideas.

Toys often seem to jam-pack the children’s room over the waterline. If you feel that the hush of toys is going to cover you up to the hilt, try applying one of the following ways to tidy up the space.

  1. Containers and boxes stuffed with fluffy toys often appear too clumsy and unrepresentable. Try storing the cuddle items in an on wall multi-level swing set. You can hang the structure on the door, on a cabinet wall, or suspend it from the ceiling.
  2. A hammock for toys is truly an unusual, interesting and out of the box idea. Adjust its height so that the child can reach the toys and put them back comfortably.A hammock for toys
  3. A parking hive is an idea for storing your child’s impressive collection of toy cars. It’s a multi-level structure of cardboard tubes glued together in the manner of bee’s cells. The idea works for girls as well, because the hive suits perfectly for storing hairpins and doll’s accessories.
  4. A magnetic stripe is another variant for keeping metal toy cars in order. Just attach several stripes to the wall and place the cars on them.A magnetic stripe for toys
  5. A dozen of plastic baskets forms an unusual and quite capacious multi-level container for toys. Put them on the side against the wall, and brace them together in the shape of a pyramid. Hint: try also using the structure as a target while playing ball games with the child.multi-level container for toys

How To Store Children’s Books?

The bookshelf choice depends on the collection of books gathered by the young reader. If your child has been collecting books since a very early age, opt for a large, capacious bookcase that will hold all books, or give a try to an idea from the list below.

  1. Nothing can make the kid happier than a secluded reading corner. Arrange a lovely hiding place with a bookshelf wall unit.
  2. Admirers of public libraries will appreciate thin narrow shelves where you can see the covers of the books. Speaking of the aesthetic constituent, such bookshelves are always bright and colorful, attracting children and encouraging them to read.
  3. Although less capacious, corner bookshelves allow for arranging favorite books in a beautiful manner. The corner bookshelf can work as a reading corner if you add a table and a couple chairs.corner bookshelves in kid room
  4. Bookshelves built into the headboard of the bed are a great idea. While functional and convenient, this solution also sets the children for bedtime reading.
  5. Your children will take a shine to vintage bookshelves, which are both functional and fashionable. Gift a new lease of life to an old suitcase or a small trolley.
  6. A tower bookshelf is a perfect idea for schoolchildren. It adds up modern aesthetics to the room. The kid can arrange books according to his or her preferences, using one tower for books on natural sciences, another one for fiction, etc.
  7. A plate rack can make a nice holder for children’s books, magazines and coloring pages.
  8. Bookshelves can become a separate decorative element in the children’s room. Pick up a shelf that branches out like a tree or a unit of shelves that reminds a loco and train cars.Bookshelves in the form of a tree
  9. A library carriage is not only convenient and capacious but portable as well, which is especially opportune during the tidying up.
  10. If your daughter is no more interested in dolls, try to find a different application for the doll’s house: its framework can serve as a creative book stack.

Storing Children’s Clothes: Tips And Ideas.

For storing children’s clothes, you don’t necessarily need such a boring and uninteresting furniture piece as the clothes cabinet. Try approaching the issue creatively with the help of the following ideas offered by experienced parents and approved by UK and USA children’s interior designers.

  1. Sandals, shoes and boots of small children can be stored on the wall in a textile organizer. Try also a plastic hanger in the form of an octopus, tree or centipede, which will be both functional and decorative.hanger in the form of tree
  2. Wicker baskets are an example of universal storage pieces. They’re suitable for storing clothes or shoes, and will complement the interior with a hint of Provence sophistication.
  3. If you welcome creative solutions, consider the option of storing a part of your child’s clothes directly on the wall. Little frocks and blouses are easily arranged into a unique collage that enhances the warm atmosphere of your home.
  4. Pick up a bunch of differently colored boxes and baskets for different kinds of clothes. For example, put socks in the yellow box, shirts in the red one, and panties in the blue one. Gradually, your toddler will learn to navigate around the storage pieces. Vivid and understandable graphical labels will prove useful, too.
  5. If you don’t have a separate cabinet for children’s clothes, place all the boxes, baskets and hangers in a niche and hide it from view with a nice of a kidswear

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