Modern baby room design ideas

The modern design style is widely popular nowadays, which is a tiny surprise. It’s democratic, and USA design maitres tend to apply it in all rooms of the home, including the nursery. A modern baby room has its peculiar features, which concerns the color palette in the first place.

Color palette: pastel or brighter?

The baby room color palette should be mostly pastel, with interior prevailed by calm and soft colors that won’t excite the infant excessively. Or at least so have believed many child psychologists. Some contemporary pediatricians, however, argue against the said recommendation. During the first months of life, the newborn can only more or less clearly see objects and pictures at a distance of about 12 in. This means that the baby’s observation of the surroundings is limited to bedclothes, mobiles and his\her parent’s faces, which is why the interior cannot cause mental discomfort in the baby. It’s worth adding that recent studies of USA scientists proved: in terms of mental development, newborns surrounded by relatively bright colors outshone infants surrounded by pastel interiors.optimal choice for baby room color in USA

Your optimal choice is combining bright and subdued colors. Make the sleeping area pastel, color the remaining areas according to the mother’s preferences – all in all, she’ll have to spend a lot of time in here. It’s important to note that the presence of brighter areas or items will induce development of vision focusing and color perception in the baby.

According to the principles of the modern style, you should anyway choose a pastel, eye-pleasing shade as the tone-giving color of the baby room interior. Pearl-white, light pink, blue, green and lilac will make a perfect background. Note that the background shade should be very pale, as if hazy. Thanks to this trick, decorative items of brighter (but not lurid) colors will appear more expressive.color for modern style in baby room

Motifs of decorations.

Modern is close to nature, which is why it welcomes patterns involving flora and fauna. Try to design an interior that encourages to love the nature and imitates its diversity and magnificence.

Floral motifs and ornaments are the sleights that designers most often apply in modern baby room interiors. You don’t need large bouquets; you need a pattern of elegant single flowers or bizarre tracery of grass, flowers and leaves. If you want to decorate the nursery wall with photo wallpaper, choose landscapes with splendid flora, or close-up views of blooming trees or flower bushes. The idea of complementing the interior with a couple of pot plants might be very tempting in such a context, but keep in mind: ones that bear blossom should be avoided as they may cause allergy in the baby.Nature decorations in baby room

The carpet is an important element in the baby room if your child is 7 month or older. The baby will spend a lot of time on the floor, so you need to cover it with something soft and warm. The selected carpet should be easy to clean, middle-piled, possibly even textured to help develop the baby’s tactile sense. As for the pattern, let it be either a developing carpet or one with floral motifs, geometric shapes or abstract figures. The latter will comply with the norms of the style perfectly.developing carpet for baby

Modern furniture for a baby room.

The dominant material of the modern style is wood. The idea is to prefer wooden furniture pieces of natural colors. The privilege goes to oak and beech, which boast moderately saturated or dark colors.Modern Furniture For A Baby Room

As for shapes and lines, modern furniture is streamlined, sometimes asymmetrical, with natural-looking curves. To underline the interior’s belonging to the style, choose, for instance, a baby cot with carved legs and asymmetrical upper part. For the mother’s rest, add an arm-chair with textile or synthetic leather upholstery of floral motifs. Store the baby’s clothes and other items in a trapezoidal or sand-glass-reminding cabinet. If the baby room is large enough, it’s not unwise to place here a couch or even a full-size single bed (you will need to spend some nights near your newborn). When the child is order, this piece of furniture can be removed.

Baby room safety rules revision.

Baby Room Safety RulesRevising some of the safety rules never hurts. As soon as your baby starts to explore what surrounds him/her, observe the following recommendations throughout the children’s part of your US home:

  • The furniture should be endurable and devoid of sharp angles.
  • Although stained-glass artwork is the visiting card of the modern style, you should avoid furniture with glass elements (unless the fragile material is tempered).
  • Any heating equipment should be removed from the baby’s reach, while it’s location should still be convenient for parents.
  • Wall sockets should be either moved to a height beyond the baby’s reach or equipped with special plugs.

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