Kids Rooms: Design Ideas For Boys

The boy’s room interior is the most suitable place for realizing your young son’s dreams and interests. Think the design through, so that your child is comfortable playing, sleeping, doing his homework and simply taking a rest in there, so that he feels home. While girls prefer beautiful furniture and classic accessories, boys tend to like interesting and bright solutions.

A complete make-over of the kid’s room should take place every three years, according to USA and UK child psychologists. As the child grows older, the room should begin to perform new and new functions, appropriate to his age and needs. If you scratch your head over an easily changeable design now, you’ll save yourself a bit of future trouble.

Color Scheme.

Any colors, with the exception of the traditional girlish purple and pink, are suitable for a boy’s room. Consider the child’s age:

  • A baby feels comfortable when surrounded with pastel colors;
  • A boy aged 3-12 will be excited to live in a room full of bright and clean colors;
  • For a teenager, the dominance of shades of blue and gray is optimal.Optimal color scheme for boy Rooms in USA

The best color combination for a boy’s room in the USA consists of three components:

  1. a neutral shade (white, gray, beige, milk);
  2. a clean tone (green, red);Optimal color scheme for boy Rooms
  3. a muted variant of the second color.

Can’t make the choice? Make the room white, and then gradually fill it with colors by adding large pictures, curtains, posters, etc.

Furniture Choice.

Spaciousness is the guarantee of a good room for boys. The child needs space to play and exercise comfortably. Leave behind the huge cabinet furniture, or at least minimize its presence. You can effectively replace it with a bedside chest of drawers, a built-in closet or a light shelving unit. Try also a pull-out bed – it will save much space and catch the fancy of your son.Furniture for boy Rooms in US

Multi-functional, ergonomic furniture that lightens up the interior visually is what you should look for. Have eyes for pieces such as: folding tables, armchair-beds, collapsible tables, and multi-functional corner sofas. Make sure that the upholstery on the soft furniture is durable and easy to clean.

Thematic Room Design Ideas For Boys.

Sports. The theme is suitable virtually for every boy, especially for young sportsmen. Most boys are fond of sports, you just need to come up with a particular kind. In such a room, the boy will have a lot of fun and positive emotions. The design may have an influence on the future of the schoolboy, prompting a career in sports. The sport theme requires special accessories: a punch bag, a gym ladder, etc. It is advisable that you pick up universal sport equipment that your son can use even when he’s older. Try also some thematic furniture, such as a race-car bed or a soccer ball armchair. The undeniable advantage of the theme is the ability of the design to transform overtime along with the boy’s preferences.Sport theme for boy Room

Nature. The theme of nature is an universal idea: it fits perfectly into a room for two or more boys without infringing upon interests of anyone. Even in a small room, each of the children will have an opportunity to individualize his corner. An appropriate nature-related theme can be found for schoolchildren who like studying the nature as well as toddlers fond of animals. Support your son’s interest towards the nature to help develop his curiosity, empathy, sense of beauty, and caring attitude. Decorations, such as bright photographs of landscapes and animals, large pot plants, and aquariums, bear a charge of peace and tranquility.Nature theme for boy Room

Traveling, camping. A home camp is the dream of a schoolboy. For a camping-orientated kid’s room, prefer fold-able or transformable furniture that vacates a lot of space once folded up. A tent playhouse made of textile is an easy DIY project. Another indispensable attribute of a young traveler’s corner is a small sports complex or a climbing wall. Find a huge backpack and use it for storing the toys. Place a range of tourist things on the shelves: a compass, a pile of maps, a flashlight. Decorate the walls with pictures of distant routs, photos of famous travelers and explorers.Camping theme for boy Room

Sea and sailing. At least once in his life, every boy dreams of being a mischievous pirate or the captain of an enormous ship. Set the theme with navy colors and a boat-shaped bed. Bring to life the young captain’s dream with appropriate decorations and accessories, such as a globe, a rope, an old-fashioned map, a pirate chest for storing the toys and other treasures, a wall clock in the shape of a ship’s wheel or a lighthouse, an anchor or a rubber ring. Many of these are easy to DIY in the US. The sea theme is suitable even for very young boys.Sea theme for boy Room in US

Transport, technology. Boys are usually interested in gear: cars, planes, tanks, trains, spacecrafts. Your son’s enthusiasm for technology will make a perfect kid’s interior design. You can stylize the room as:

  1. A spaceship – attach some glowing celestial bodies to the walls, add a mob of friendly aliens in a tiny flying saucer;Spaceship theme for boy Room
  2. A railway carriage – pick up a locomotive-shaped bed, employ decorations such as a crossing gate, train models, etc.
  3. A highway – use a car-shaped bed, paint some road markings on the floor, put a couple of road signs on the walls, and complement the design with car-specific accessories.

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  1. What did your room look like when you were a kid? We’re guessing not exactly like these colorful, creative, and undeniably cool spaces. The bedrooms of these uber stylish children are lessons in judicious editing, inspired ideas, and damn good taste. Looking for something more specific? Check-out our great ideas for decorating boys rooms, girls rooms, and baby nurseries .

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