Kids’ room themes ideas

A thematic interior design makes a kids’ room unique, inimitable. Just make sure your idea of the theme complies with how the child understands it. And keep in mind that the room’s occupant may change his or her interests with time, so choose a thematic interior that is not too difficult to rearrange.

5 kids’ room themes & ideas for boys.

Ideas of thematic design for a boy’s room are numerous, but the marine theme has been the absolute leader in the 2020 US design trends.

  1. Inhabited island. The basis of this theme is the color palette that involves light shades of green and blue with bright insertions of orange, red and brown. Such a room is home to colors and interior items that closely echo the nature: the blue on the ceiling stands for the sky, the green on the walls resembles trees, while the carpet on the floor symbolizes the shore washed by the sea. A few wicker furniture pieces and a banana-shaped pillow will be the finishing touch upon the “aborigine” interior.island theme in kids' room-US trends
  2. The underwater world. Creating an underwater realm in your son’s room is very easy: paint the lower part of the walls dark blue, make the upper part light blue, and decorate the walls with a variety of underwater inhabitants. Using stencils or stickers, you will save yourself the trouble of worrying about appropriate painting techniques. Sand-yellow wooden furniture will suit the underwater theme perfectly.underwater world theme in kids' room
  3. Geometry. If you want to paint something decorative on the walls without turning the whole interior into a completely childish one, try geometric shapes of different colors and sizes. Teach your son to know the figures from his early years. The geometry wall solution is really easy to DIY with the help of a small paint applicator and painter’s tape.Geometry theme in kids' room
  4. Fisher’s son. If your son is really fond of fishing, this theme is just the thing! Expert-at-fishing USA and UK designers recommend that this thematic kids’ room interior should be created with involvement of both real items and ones painted on the wall. For example, you can paint lake waves and fishes on the wall, adding a real fishing rod for a decoration. Photos from the recent fishing trip, a model boat on the table, a large toy fish on the bed or couch – these minor details will set up the adventurous mood of the interior.Fisher's son theme in US kids room
  5. Yacht life. The centerpiece of this theme is a boat-resembling bed, which you can accomplish with a cloth sail. In the marine interior, advantageous is the combination of red, navy blue and white – especially if conjoined in stripes. As for decorations, the interior welcomes items such as steering wheels, anchors and rubber rings, while an old-fashioned pirate map of the world is just asking to be given home on the wall.Yacht life theme in kids room

5 kids’ room themes & ideas for girls.

The girl’s room interior determines the taste and the sense of style of the young lady. Two different approaches are popular today. The first provides for a bright and solemn princess-style interior with colorful pictures, bows and fairy-tale decorations. The second approach suggests a laconic and simple interior, offering spaciousness “for proper development of a creative personality.” It’s up to you – and your daughter – to decide which one to adhere. Meanwhile, get yourself acquainted with a selection of popular US girl’s room themes.

  1. Princess. Such a theme opens the door to the fairy world before a young girl who is fond of reading books about beautiful princesses. Start building the princess’ interior with a large romantic bed that reminds a sponge cake, and adorn it with a royal-looking canopy. For a complete resemblance to a palace, add a compact carved dressing table with many drawers and make sure the walls are covered with the most elegant ornamental wallpaper. For a more childish appearance, you can arrange decorations, such as panel pictures or partition screens, depicting the girl’s favorite princesses.Princess theme in US kids room
  2. Cinderella. An equipage-shaped bed is quite the thing for a Cinderella. Rococo-style decorations, silk bows and frills will complement the image. One or two walls can be beautified with photo wallpaper depicting characters of the fairy-tale. The Cinderella’s room requires decent lighting, so a small cut-glass chandelier and a couple of table lamps with sophisticated shades are particularly welcome.Cinderella theme in kids room
  3. The Sleeping Beauty. In this theme, the bed and related decorative elements play a special role. The color palette is usually prevailed by white, ivory, sand-yellow and dark green – the colors able to simultaneously enhance freshness and instill a soothing atmosphere of a forgotten sleepy kingdom. The decorative layer of such an interior should employ many plants, preferably clambering ones – as you remember, the Sleeping Beauty’s palace became overgrown with such.sleeping beauty theme in kids room
  4. Japanese garden. Imagine a quiet Japanese garden: a breeze is gently swaying the blooming branches of sakura trees, a small fountains is bickering nearby, the young beauty of the spring is admirable. This theme for a girl’s room combines fresh accents with an atmosphere of romantic serenity. Be sure to arrange a small dressing table, which will help the girl learn to look after her beauty as diligently as is customary in Japan.Japanese theme in kids room
  5. The flower country. This simple yet elegant theme is based on magnificent on wall decorations and accessories – bright flowers and fluttering butterflies. Encourage your daughter to participate in painting some uncomplicated flower shapes on the walls! Blooming pot plants and flower-shaped decorative pillows will complement the interior.flower theme in kids room

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