Kid’s Room Organization Ideas

Proper organization of space is assigned an important part in planning a kid’s room interior in the USA. From an early age, today’s children are surrounded by a storm of things: toys, games, books, supplies for learning, sports and drawing, along with other items of innumerable quantity. Consider the commonly accepted variants and simple designer ideas of kid room organization that will keep toys in order, vacate some space in the playroom and get the child used to maintaining tidiness.

Basic Organization Of The Children’s Room.

Furniture for Children's Room in USA

Closets and cases of drawers are the classic variants of furniture that helps organize the kid’s room. Placing them near the bed not only provides maximal useful storage space, but gives the child the adorable feeling of being in a playhouse. As for organization rules, put the frequently used items within comfortable reach, throw the rarely used things on top shelves, place the shoes on the lower shelves. One closet and one case of drawers with clothes and items sorted by color or season are sufficient for a kid’s room. The main furniture pieces should not be boring: paint an ornament, do some decoupage, or at least decorate them with a dozen of stickers if you lack artistic talents.

Furniture for Children's Room

Shelving units and open case furniture will be a convenient location for baskets and boxes with small items and toys that are easy to lose and difficult to keep in order. This storage option has its advantages: children can easily put their things right without assistance, while the items are easy to sort out and find. Label each box according to what items it stores (for example: Crayons, Dolls, Paper, Trucks) or whose property it is (if several children live in one room). Your kids will learn to maintain tidiness from a young age. For small children, low and long shelving units will provide the most convenient access to items. A stair-shaped open case will add up playfulness to the interior, reminding that the room is the territory of children and has no place for serious, massive furniture.

Under-bed storage is perfect for things that have to be shut away for a while: seasonal clothes, school textbooks during the long vacation or sports requisites. With draw-able drawers or wheeled boxes that do no damage to the flooring are your best choice.

Designer Kid’s Room Organization Ideas.

Idea 1 – The Kid on the Loft.

Loft bed in Kid's Room in USA

Functional and comfortable furniture is a necessary component of the kid’s room in US. Take note of the practical loft beds: they resemble the usual two-story bunk beds, but the lower deck has a desk or a casework instead of a sleeping accommodation. It’s a great space-saving choice for compact dwellings, as a loft bed spares a lot of room and prevents unconscionable encumbrances.

Idea 2 – Creative Tidiness.

Drawing board in kid's room

A drawing board can become a means of making tidiness a habit of your child. Try using it not only as the easel, but also as a notice board. USA and UK kid room interior designers tend to arrange ceiling-to-floor drawing boards. Eye-filling and convenient, such a solution expands the space visually presenting a contrast to the rest of the interior. Children themselves will appreciate the opportunity of decorating the wall with crayon drawings.

Idea 3 – In-the-Box Thinking

Boxes with toys in kid's room in USA

Get your children used to packing their toys in boxes after they’re done playing. This will appease your daily tidying-up chores and save a lot of space, vacating it from jigsaw pieces, stuffed animals and construction bricks. The children might forget where dinosaurs or dolls go, so stick a label to every box.

Idea 4 – Little Tricks

Make advantage of every square foot of the kid’s room, especially if your home cannot boast superfluous spaciousness. Poufs and benches with built-in storage space will be of great use, while the bookcase can house some stuffed toys if books do not occupy every shelf of it.

A Dozen Of Useful Organization Hints

With wise organization, the kid’s room will no longer be the mom’s nightmare. Manage the space so that all the things are in view, at hand and in their places at the same time. The bunch of hints below will help planning the children’s part of your home in USA.

  1. Sort out the Lego bricks by color into separate boxes;
  2. Use on-wall shelves of different size to store children’s book and creative work supplies, which will spare some space on the floor;Organization of kid's room
  3. Store the toys in clear or semi-transparent boxes for quick access. The child will find a certain toy quicker and create less chaos along;
  4. Putting boxes one upon another saves some space as well. The boxes should be missing one wall for convenient access to their contents, though;
  5. Pick up a small table with drawers for creative activities. Everything the child needs for drawing and painting will be within reach;
  6. Storing toys and other minor items in neat wicker baskets with labels is a nice idea for a girl’s room;
  7. A corner shelving unit is an option that saves a lot of space;
  8. Arrange a board of hangers and suspend a plastic cup on each hanger. Use the structure to store your child’s pencils, pens and markers;
  9. Try an on-wall toy organizer with clear pockets for storing small items, dolls and their dresses, etc.;organization-hints-for-kid's-room
  10. Vintage suitcases make a perfect storage for toys of a little princess;
  11. Suspend an ornamental casing of a flowerpot from the ceiling and use it as a swing storage for toys;
  12. Small textile baskets on a railing will provide shelter for stuffed animals.

Small Kids Room Ideas: Tips for Maximizing Space.

  1. See an old piece of furniture or recent thrift-store score in a new light. This former dresser gets an updated look with coral paint and bunny-head hardware. Cabinets provide hidden storage spots, while the drawers are removed for open shelves to house easy-to-grab picture books and board games.

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