Kids room ideas for a shared boy and girl

A shared bedroom for two kids entails a precious experience. The children learn to stay in tune with each other, to share space and toys, which provides a firm foundation for future relations between the brother and the sister. Your kids will never be bored, always having someone to play with, to talk to. If you need to accommodate two children – a boy and a girl – in one room of your home, the interior design task you’re facing is difficult, but the result of your efforts will be rewarding.

Designer Color Solutions.

  1. A game of contrasts. Designers in the UK and the US have worked out several pairs of contrasting colors that look not dissonant but harmonious, giving the room a stylish appearance. Note that the colors shouldn’t necessarily be bright and saturated; a combination of gentle, subdued tones looks much more balanced. The proposed solutions are:
    • blue for the boy, yellow for the girl;
    • green for the boy, pink tones for the girl;Color solutions for shared kids' room for boy and girl in UK
    • orange for the boy, purple for the girl;
    • blue for the boy, red for the girl.Color solutions for shared kids' room for boy and girl in USA
  2. Akin colors. It’s an idea of employing different tones of a color to mark the boy’s and the girl’s areas. For example, base the overall color set on green, but use the jade shade in the boy’s corner and surround the girl’s bed with lime green.
  3. Emphasis on decorations. Finish the entire room in one color, then draw a distinction between the two personal areas by adding differently colored decorative items.
  4. Inversion. It’s an interesting idea, realistic when both your children are good with a certain pair of colors. One kid can have, for instance, a blue wall with a yellow pattern, the other – a yellow wall with a blue pattern. As a result, the room will boast a single style and interesting appearance.

Furniture For A Shared Kids’ Room.

The beds are the first headache you have to cope with when furnishing a shared kids’ bedroom. In a spacious room you can afford a pair of separate beds. Some ways of positioning them are:

  1. parallel to the wall;beds in shared kids room for boy and girl
  2. perpendicular to the wall;
  3. L-shaped;
  4. in opposite corners of the room.

The placement of beds depends on the shape of the room itself: if it’s long and narrow choose the first option, if it’s square, any variant will work perfectly. Opting for the L-shaped positioning, make sure that the children sleep head to head or feet to feet. Placing the beds at opposite walls is suitable primarily for spacious rooms and allows either of the children to have a personal, individualized corner.The placement of beds in shared kids room for boy and girl

In a small room, two separate bed units will eat up too much space, so you better opt for two-story beds. You can easily give both children the feeling of privacy by arranging curtains for both levels. Have also a look at deck beds, where the top level is a bed, and the lower one houses a desk and some drawers and shelves. You will need two such units, but each one will be killing three birds: sleeping berth, workplace, storage space.

As for writing tables, you may pick up just one, but make sure it’s large enough for the two kids to work their tasks at one time without bothering each other. Round and oval tables aren’t suitable, because they don’t provide support for the child’s elbows. Psychologists assure that if you seat the children opposite one another, they will demonstrate better attention concentration and carefulness with their tasks. If either child wants a table of his or her own, try a pair of similar small square desks.writing tables in shared kids room for boy and girl

Storage space is important, make sure the children have enough of it, however small the room may be. One wardrobe with two sections will do for clothes, but each kid should also have a couple of drawers and shelves for small personal things and knick-knackery. Don’t forget to hang a large common mirror on the wall; however, the girl might also need a console mirror.

4 Tricks To Mimic.

  1. A glass partition is a simple yet functional idea of dividing the room into two parts. Textured glass permits the sunlight through to the area distant from the window, but blocks view due to being nontransparent.
  2. The unfading classics. If you can avoid infant solutions in the shared kids’ room design, do it. Classic style furniture is an ideal variant “to grow into” – you won’t need to buy new furniture when your children are older.
  3. White as the basis. The ceiling, walls, the floor, furniture – let something of this list be white. The color is well-combinable and allows for using finishing materials of any colors – from boyish blue to girlish pink.
  4. A neutral theme. A thematic boy and girl room for two children should be neutral, with no gender-specific interior features prevailing – so both young occupants of the room are content with its appearance and no one feels pinched.tricks for shared kids room for boy&girl in US

When A Shared Room Is Inappropriate?

A shared kids’ room for a boy and a girl is a feasible design project, but only if the age difference between the kids is small and the elder of the two is under 12. The older the children grow, the stronger is their need for personal space. The larger the age difference between the two occupants of the room, the more difficult it is for them to rub along. Thus, the American parents have to consider the option of expanding the family’s living space to be able to grant each teenager a separate room in the home.

See more ideas about Boy and girl shared bedroom on Pinterest.

  1. This shared girls bedroom appears breezy and bright with crisp, white bedding and matching snowy walls. White bedding for kiddos? Hear us out! You d be surprised how resilient a bleach-friendly duvet cover is against sticky fingers and smuggled snacks. Use white bedding and walls to create a clean and cohesive backdrop for your kids space, then add a punchy accent color of their choice throughout. Pops of turquoise bring a vibrant, youthful energy to this shared space, through whimsical birds on the ceiling and a geometric area rug underfoot.

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