Kids’ Room Designs For Girls

Designing a kid’s room for a girl, consider her temper, age and hobbies. Speaking about the interior style, rely not upon the latest trends you see in UK and USA design magazines, but upon the modern approach to home space organization, which involves ensuring maximal functionality.

The perfect room for a girl tends to be functional: unless you have a very young lady fond of princesses, limit the quantity of bright accessories and decorative elements, and avoid eye-popping designer solutions. The style should be comfortable and ergonomic, with spaciousness and abundance of natural light playing the major roles.

Design styles suitable for a girl’s room.

  1. Rococo is like no other interior style suitable for young princesses who dream of unicorns and fairies. It’s highly decorative, so the idea is not to use pure rococo, but to limit its presence to fine white plaster-work under the ceiling and very soft pastel color grades. The style is suitable for young girls, while its contemporary interpretation with insertions of black and violet is often adored by teenagers.Rococo design style for a girl's room in USA
  2. Modern is distinguished by smooth lines, absence of sharp angles, and rounded furniture. Parents prefer the style, as the resulting interior is safe for smaller children. Every girl will be happy to live in such a close-to-nature room, where the wall can remind the sky, the bed being soft as a cloud, and the carpet looking like grass. The style is especially fancied by girls of 7-12 years.Modern style for a girl's room
  3. Classics. The classic style is suitable only for rather spacious kids’ rooms. It involves dominance of natural materials and pastel background colors, and rarely goes without some elements of luxury, such as expensive accessories, multi-level curtains, etc. Such a style is suitable for girls from 10 years and older.
  4. Minimalism is characterized by presence of few, but highly functional furniture pieces that leave much spare space in the room. Use the minimalist approach when choosing the furniture, but when it comes to accessories and decorations, let your daughter brighten up the interior a bit, especially if she’s under 10. Pure minimalism is rarely found in children’s rooms and is suitable for a teenage girl, but only if she really likes it.Minimalism style for a girl's room

Hints on choosing basic furniture pieces.

  1. Bed. For a 3-5 year old girl, pick up a bed with safety bumpers of at least 10 in. A child of 7-10 years can already sleep on a high bumper-less bed, but its width should exceed 32 in.
  2. Table. For a schoolgirl, pick up a writing table with adjustable top height.
  3. Chair. Purchase an ergonomic chair with adjustable back and seat height. When the child is sitting, her feet should be firmly standing on the floor.Furniture for a girl's room in USA
  4. Wardrobe. For a young girl, choose a unit of low height, so that the child can easily get her things and pack them back whenever necessary. The closet doors or drawers should be easy to open, but equipped with durable fixtures and restrainers.
  5. About Storage Ideas you learn from article “Storage ideas for US Children’s room“.

Design peculiarities for girls of different ages.

3-5 years: The room is the world to explore.

The design task is to make the room comfortable and beautiful. Make sure the girl can fish out her toys and and hide them back after playing, and that the furniture corresponds to her height. Divide the room into areas, and arrange a lighting source for each zone.

Colors in little girls’ rooms are often too sweet. Try instead a pastel tone as the background and complement it with saturated accents. Make sure the color solution is not too bright, otherwise your child might be difficult to calm down when it’s time to go to bed. Whether wallpaper or paint, the finishing materials should be Eco-friendly and safe.Kid room design for a girl's of 3-5 years

6-7 years: The room for a schoolgirl.

First years at school begin at this age, so the room’s design should comply with the needs of the young schoolgirl. When upgrading the interior, be sure to complement it with a writing table and additional storage units that will serve as home for educational materials – from pencils to textbooks and workbooks. Toys may remain in the room, but only the ones your daughter loves most of all.Kid room design for a girl's of 6-7 years

A schoolgirl’s room should feature a more practical design, more functional furniture and good lighting. Zone up the space and purchase a bigger bed. Your daughter’s new school friends will be willing to visit her someday, so arrange a beautiful play corner with a couple of soft furniture pieces.

10-12 years: The room is a secluded corner.

Choose the design together with your daughter. Going together to the store is also an option – at least, to the furniture store, as browsing furnishing materials is a less interesting activity. Let the girl “try on” the furniture and pick up the best pieces to her thinking.

As for the style and color solution, let your daughter express her opinion. You have either to manage to bring to life her idea, or to convince her to agree upon a more acceptable (from your point of view) variant.Kid room design for a girl's of 10-12 years

A teenage girl’s room: harmony and stylishness.

A teenage girl’s room is greatly influenced by her interests and hobbies. The interior needs to be stylish, as it’s important for harmonious personal development. The best style solutions are high-tech, Eco-style, minimalism; sometimes the classic style does well. The colors and style must be selected by the young lady who occupies the room. She’s now old enough to be entrusted the choice of accessories, too.

  1. Is this not the coolest space you’ve ever laid eyes on? Designed by Elizabeth Georgantas, it has literally everything you could ever want: a distinguishable sense of place without relying on a cheesy theme; fun and one-of-a-kind architectural elements with functional value; cozy sleeping arrangements that don’t take up the entire room; and plenty of accents that spark the imagination.

  2. When your kids are similar in age, sharing a bedroom presents less of a challenge. But if your kids are far apart in age, their tastes and needs for a bedroom might be vastly different. Utilize these design tips so everyone gets what they need out of a shared bedroom!

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