Decorating ideas for baby room in USA

The room for the baby is decorated with great affection in heart, like no other part of the home. Parents try to create a design that expresses their devotion and is safe and convenient for the child. Let’s find out how to choose a theme for the baby room in 2020, which decorations are the most durable, and what mistakes you should avoid.

Color Scheme And Theme

Standard gender-bound color solutions – pink for girls and blue for boys – are used rarely in baby room interiors created by USA and UK designers. Modern nursery rooms often involve bright colors such as yellow and red, and even black decor elements. But the optimal dominant color is a warm and gently shade. Avoid both gloominess and sterile whiteness, as well as superfluous brightness.Color scheme for baby room 2020

The theme of the baby room decor is either universal (clouds, angels, animals, sky and stars) or gender-bound (cars and ships for boys, flowers and princesses for girls). In baby room interiors, parents usually externalize their own ideas of a perfect nursery, until the baby begins to express his or her inclinations and personal preferences.

Walls As The Large Scope For Decorating

Wall decorations last the longest in the baby room and are easy to renew. Washable wallpaper with vinyl surface is a great ideas – as soon as the child learns to crawl around, you will often face the task of removing stains. The wallpaper may be of a solid pastel color or with a childish pattern. See that wallpaper has a pronounced texture, as contact sensations are very important to small children. As part of the wall, windows of the nursery require a decoration of their own – light but dense curtains adorned with decorative butterflies and flowers, which will set the mood of the room.Curtains for baby room in USA

Stickers on the wallpaper are a great decoration, though make sure they are easy to unstick. It’s up to parents to decide what particular theme to choose: bright stickers with animals, pirate ships and desolate palm-tree-topped islands, or beautiful exotic flowers and posies. In the fall, you can stick some leaves to the walls to underscore the change of seasons, which is especially good for children that are beginning to learn about the world.Stickers on the wallpaper in baby room 2020

Non-toxic wall paint can serve as an alternative to wallpaper. Approach the walls creatively, taking them for an unlimited scope for your imagination. Instead of a tedious whole-colored shading, paint a bunch of funny animals, butterflies, flowers or cartoon characters. If you’re nowhere near being armed with skills of arts and crafts, request assistance of professionals. But wall-painting by mom and dad will appear much more sweet. In the last resort, stencils found in stores will help you adorn the wall with any ornament without striking a blow.Wall painting in baby room- USA

Prints of little hands of your baby can be used creatively. Dip your child’s hand into paint (first make sure it’s a non-toxic acrylic one) and prop the little palm against the wall. Toddlers are usually eager to participate in such an activity. If created regularly, hand-prints will make the walls of the nursery room a unique dairy that registers how the child is growing up.

The clock is one of the minor details that play a grand role in the child’s room in the USA. Pick up an on-wall clock of fairy design and make sure to put it out of the child’s reach. The steady pace of ticking will help the baby sleep well, and after he or she grows from an infant into a toddler you can begin teaching the notion of time using the clock and its hands as a prop.

10 Mistakes To Be Avoided

Parents should be warned about typical mistakes that occur when non-professional designers decorate a baby room in 2020.

  1. Shiny surfaces, such as polished furniture, mirrors, glass vases, and other reflective decorative items, must be avoided. Specks and flecks of reflected light do no good to a child’s sleep;
  2. Brightly colored pictures and panels on the walls, toys and live plants are welcome. But don’t overdo the revel of color, for redundant brightness and colorfulness can irritate children and make their sleep uneasy;
  3. Aromatic flowers and blooming pot plants are not suitable in this part of your home. If you want to adorn the nursery with live plants, opt for pot palms: they are beautiful, easy to look after and non-sensitizing;
  4. Before the baby is at least four, you should place all decorative elements beyond reach, especially ones that include small components;Professional design in baby room- USA
  5. Avoid decorative items of glass, ceramics or other fragile materials, as the baby might break them and get cut by the shards;
  6. Don’t use slippery flooring materials or carpets that scroll over the floor easily;
  7. Abundant accessories and expensive materials are unnecessary in the nursery. As soon as the baby makes first steps, he or she will try on the role of artist, explorer and destroyer, with wallpaper turned into a canvas and ruffles and fringes torn off from where they belong;
  8. A textile canopy over the baby cot may look dreamlike, but in fact it blocks access for fresh air;
  9. Opt out of massive chandeliers that may seem scary to the baby;
  10. Dust-collecting items do not fit in an infant’s room; in the first instance, try to avoid long-piled carpets, books and fluffy toys.Decorating a baby room interior in USA

Decorating a baby room interior requires parents to express the depth of their attention and love for the child. But you should be ready to make changes and updates as soon as your baby can give voice to his or her preferences and wishes, which may be out of phase with your own tastes.

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  1. A good rule of thumb is to hang curtains two inches above the frame of the window. Make the most of high ceilings by hanging them all the way up to the ceiling to make the room seem bigger. For a quick and simple look, add a Roman shade to block light and add an extra element to the space.

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