Creative design ideas for a baby room

The baby’s room is probably the most lively, cheerful and high-spirited place in any American home. Parents go to great length in order to add something interesting and unique to the room of their child — especially if it’s a first-born. It’s no secret that decorations represent the most vast range of opportunities to make a baby’s room look like a successful result of creative efforts. Trying to eek out a creative urge, browse the following selection of ideas of making the baby’s first dwelling inimitable. But let’s start with acquainting ourselves with the rules to comply with.

The influence of room design on the baby.

Everything that surrounds the baby has an impact on his/her psychological state. If the surrounding space is too bright or features large aggressively-colored accents, it may annoy the infant, increasing neural irritability. To say it simple, your baby will be difficult to calm down or lull asleep. That is why baby boys and girls should be surrounded with a calm color palette from their first days. Insignificant colorful spots are acceptable, but the overall scheme should spark interest and generate positive emotions rather than annoyance.

Rules of designing and decorating a baby’s room.

Ecological cleanliness is the most essential requirement to all finishing materials, furniture and accessories. Everything you bring into the baby’s room should be either natural or certified as pristine. Newborns are especially sensitive to chemicals, irritant agents and allergens, so you should always opt for high-quality products.Rules of designing a baby's room

Important hints as to decorative elements are:

  • Decorations should be lightweight and positioned mostly beyond the baby’s reach;
  • Avoid large bright accents near the baby cot – a newborn may get afraid of those;
  • Independent from size or colors, any decoration should sparkle interest and curiosity of the child.

10 creative ideas for baby rooms.

  1. Wallpaper depicting an interesting scene. This option may seem not so creative at first sight. But you can custom-order a wallpaper with any picture or pattern – even one based on your own sketches.
  2. Baby’s drawings or photos. These are decorations that bring joy to both the baby and the parents. Allocate a whole wall for the exhibition, and put the “paintings” of the young artist into beautiful store-bought frames or nice DIY ones from colored cardboard. If the baby is too young to paint, parents can demonstrate their creative skills by drawing a few funny posters depicting, for instance, lions, butterflies or flowers.Baby's drawings or photos on wall
  3. Animal portraits. A newborn will soon start to explore the surrounding world. To make this process more interesting, you can adorn the wall in the baby’s room with a gallery of small posters showing the most common domestic and wild animals. The chief thing is: the employed pictures of fauna representatives should be of natural colors (which means no pink ponies!)Animal portraits on wall in baby room
  4. Murals (pictures painted right on the walls). When your creative impulse grows out of small posters, note that walls can be an excellent canvas for artistic experiments. The most appropriate motives for a baby’s room are blooming trees and flowers, green glades dotted with flowers, scenes from the baby’s favorite cartoon, pictures of animals and birds. Waterborne acrylic paints are recommendable.
  5. Paper applications and garlands. Sometimes a bunch of such decorations is enough to brighten up the room. If your baby’s old enough – don’t refuse his/her help! Participating in the process of creating decorations and arranging them in the room disciplines children, teaches them the habits of keeping things in order, grants memorable moments of working hand in hand with parents.Paper applications and garlands on wall in baby room
  6. Embroidery hoops holding bright textile pieces are a fairy unusual but interesting decorations for a baby’s room. Pick up hoops of different diameters, complement them with patterned cloth, and make a nice-looking arrangement, say, on the wall above the baby cot.
  7. 3D decorations. Some examples are cardboard or foam plastic letters covered with a layer of colorful or patterned cloth, or veneer figures cut and carefully painted by parents.3D decorations on wall in baby room
  8. DIY mobiles. A mobile is not only a decoration you hang above the cot, but also a toy the youngest children love so much. With a mobile, the baby sees different colors and shapes, touches fine and nice textures, and gets calmed when something annoying has happened. Such a design element isn’t difficult to DIY with the help of several pieces of cloth of different textures. You don’t need to invent an ingenious decoration – the newborn will be happy with any colorful figures (butterflies, birds, airplanes, etc.).DIY mobiles in baby room
  9. A cradle. Nothing lulls a baby better than slight rocking. Even centuries ago mothers rocked their infants to sleep in cradles. Being back in fashion nowadays, cradles not only better the mother’s lot, but also work as a stylish and creative complement to the interior.Creative cradle in baby room
  10. Your baby’s first shoes. As an element of crucial significance in your baby’s life, these deserve to be allocated a place of honor on the wall. The booties will remind of the precious moments of your child’s first uncertain steps, first hops and jumps. It’ll be a very sweet sight if you frame several pairs on the wall as the symbol of your child’s growing-up.

Getting creative in a baby’s room, don’t just rely fully on the inventions of USA designers, bur use your imagination! Have a sense of moderation, though. Your child’s first home needs an ethereal interior of harmony and delicacy.

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