Children’s room wall decals

Wall decals represent the simplest and most budget-friendly way of transforming and uplifting the children’s room. They’re perfect for filling up an uninteresting corner or the empty patch above the bed. If you’ve got enough of beholding one set of stickers, warm them up with a blow drier for easy removal, and then stick new wall decals. Unlike wallpapers and paintings, wall tattoos allow for changing the appearance of the room effortlessly in just under 30 minutes. Another advantage of wall decals is the durability of the material: vinyl stickers are extremely hard-wearing, which means the decorations will have a long and happy life in your home. Let’s sum up the conveniences of wall decals:

  • an extremely vast range of themes, colors, shapes and sizes;
  • simplicity of application and removal;
  • cheap and replaceable;
  • washable and durable;
  • functional: besides purely decorative wall decals, there are ones with practical value: height meter, alphabet and number stickers, etc.conveniences of wall decals

Vinyl interior stickers can be picked up at any home improvement store, where they’re usually found in the DIY section. Designers in the USA have long been reaping benefits of wall decals, vastly applying them in interiors of many homes.Vinyl stickers in US childrens room Such stickers can be used on any sleek surface that is dry and clean, including:

  • painted walls;
  • texture-less repaint-able wallpaper;
  • vinyl wallpaper;
  • glass, mirrors;
  • furniture, home appliances;

As for textured surfaces (such as wallpaper), a wall decal will stick firm, but the texture may show through the vinyl decoration, slightly changing its appearance. Applying wall decals is not recommended on:

  • rough concrete surfaces;
  • textured plaster;
  • peeling paint layers;
  • places with traces of grease or rust.

Sticking a wall decal is extremely easy: just make sure you use a smooth surface – wood panels or painted walls are good, but wallpaper of actual paper may be ruined after you remove the stickers. High-quality stickers leave no marks or damages upon the wall surface.Sticking a wall decal

There are two types of wall decals:

  1. Matte wall decals. Their surface dissipates light mildly and prevents finger marks. The images themselves look very similar to painted ones;
  2. Glossy wall decals are distinguished by brighter colors, but their surface displays specks and flecks of light, with hand and finger marks discernible.

Baby room wall decals.

In a baby’s room, use stickers to mark functional zones within the space. The play area requires brighter wall decals. Don’t just pick up characters of popular cartoons or fairy-tales, but try to add some educational hints. Select stickers depicting animals, birds and plants, and then you will have some illustrative material for teaching your baby the names of these. Another idea is to decorate the play area with flower stickers of basic colors, which will be of help when you decide to teach the child to know these colors. As soon as the baby learns to stand, you can arrange a height meter wall decal, which is usually complemented with an exciting picture — a giraffe, a tree, etc.Baby room wall decals

The sleeping area of a baby’s room requires muted, matte wall decals that produce no sunlight specks that may disturb the child’s sleep. A pod of butterflies or birds, a glade of pale flowers – these are the popular sticker solutions to surround the baby cot with. An interesting idea is to apply vinyl wall tattoos to the ceiling – lying in the baby cot, the child will be delighted to watch birds, clouds or stars above him or her.Baby room wall decals in sleeping area

Kids’ room wall decals.

Wall decals are able to turn the kids’ room into a fairy-tale land, where the children can stay as long as they want to. Bright pictures will develop the kid’s imagination and creativity. On-wall images of heroes such as Spider-man or Superman will defend the child from night terrors. With properly chosen stickers, your son or daughter will never feel alone – quite the contrary, the colorful wall tattoos facilitate development of communicative skills, as your child’s friends will be eager to pay a visit and admire the magic room.

On-wall vinyl stickers are an excellent means of concealing any spoiled spots on the wall – they’ll come in handy if your children have tried their artistic skills using the wallpaper as a canvas. Moreover, if you know that the kids tend to make stains in a certain place, stick a large wall tattoo to the accident-prone spot. The vinyl sticker will be the shield that protects the wall finish from mechanical impacts (scratches, stains), high humidity and direct sunlight. To return the original appearance to the wall decals, just wash them with a mild cleaning product.

If you’re a conservative person and take pains to maintain classic interior design within your US home (even in the children’s part of it) – do not neglect wall decals totally! Aside from classic-style stickers, you can try decorating the walls with a pile of bright and colorful decals for a short while – for instance, on the occasion of Christmas, Halloween or your kid’s birthday party. And then you will see for yourself how a couple of cheerful vinyl stickers can lift up the spirits of your children and their guests!On-wall vinyl stickers in US kids room

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