Children’s room mural ideas

Murals are determined by modern USA interior designers as any pieces of artistic work that are painted (or applied in some other way) directly onto an indoor permanent surface – wall, ceiling, etc. Several types of murals are applicable in a children’s room, namely:

  • traditional murals – pictures painted right on the wall;
  • photo wallpaper – a wall-size picture printed on the wallpaper;
  • patterns and ornaments painted with the help of stencils;
  • wall tattoos – large interior stickers;
  • graffiti.

Photo wallpaper is the most common type of murals applied in kids’ rooms. When you come to a home improvement store and ask for murals, photo wallpaper is the first thing they offer you. Why do parents prefer this type of murals? The answer is: because it doesn’t require artistic skills and is much cheaper that commissioning an artist.children's room mural ideas- photo wallpaper

Pros and cons of photo wallpaper murals.

Advantages of photo wallpaper, as compared to other types of murals, are numerous:

  • Extremely vast range of childish themes.
  • An original, bright, saturated appearance.
  • Longevity and environmental friendliness.
  • Versatility – virtually any permanent surface can be covered with photo wallpaper.
  • Most photo wallpapers are washable.
  • The process of arranging photo wallpaper is easy to DIY and inexpensive to commission.
  • You can order a custom-size photo wallpaper.
  • Affordable price, especially against traditional murals painted by artists.Advantages of photo wallpaper

Difficulties with applying photo wallpaper murals in the context of a children’s room are:

  • You need to measure the wall’s size precisely before purchasing or custom-ordering the photo wallpaper – otherwise, the mural may remind an ordinary poster.
  • Such a wallpaper can only be applied to a perfectly smooth surface – any roughness of the wall may distort the image printed on the wallpaper.
  • If you’ve chosen a fairly large photo wallpaper scene, it may require much effort to apply.

Types of mural photo wallpapers.

  1. Washable photo wallpaper is distinguished by a very sleek surface, and often applied in children’ rooms because of its practicability. Such wallpaper is very dense and durable, resistant to stains and minor scratches. The material is easy to apply, but designers recommend to have home improvement specialists perform this mission, as professional preparation of the wall surface is requires.Washable photo wallpaper in children's room
  2. Paper photo wallpaper is distinguished by high air permeability, which is an advantage. On the other balance pan stand the disadvantages of the material: the propensity for absorbing smells, fading or losing the brightness of colors. Such wallpaper cannot be washed and gets scratched easily. You need to be very careful when covering the wall with a paper mural, as you won’t be able to correct any failed patches.
  3. Cloth photo wallpaper is a non-standard and interesting idea, although the emergence of this mural type dates back to the times when no other wallpaper was available. Even now many people view textile murals as a prestigious and luxurious decoration. Today, the choice of cloth photo wallpapers is vast; they’re made on the basis of cotton, true and artificial silk, linen fabric and velour. The more natural thread included, the more expensive the material is; however, the tendency to fading is the drawback of natural materials.Cloth photo wallpaper in children's room
  4. 3D photo wallpaper is the novelty on the market of home improvement materials, and it wins your heart on the first gaze. It seems to look like an ordinary washable photo wallpaper with a high-quality picture. But when you take a closer look, you see that the picture is very realistic, 3-dimensional. In the context of a children’s room, such mural represents an opportunity for creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.3D photo wallpaper in children's room If you’ve decided to opt for 3D photo wallpaper, consider all types of it:
  • Detached: small patches that are applied on the wall as pictures, and often decorated with frames.
  • Regular: wall-size 3D wallpaper.
  • Panoramic: huge 3-dimensional landscapes or photographs applied in an unbroken manner.
  • Fluorescent: a picture that looks like regular photo wallpaper by day and glows mildly at night.
  • LED 3-dimensional photo wallpaper murals: equipped with LED lights in logical spots of the picture; serve as an additional source of illumination in the room.

General hints on photo wallpaper murals:

  1. Avoid boring and monotonous pictures.
  2. If your child is 5 or older, allow him or her to choose the mural.
  3. Ideally, no shelves, hangers or wall lamps should be arranged on the wall that is decorated with a mural.
  4. Don’t cover all four walls with photo wallpaper – just one mural-covered wall is enough.
  5. Carefully choose the color palette of the remaining three walls, so that the occupants of the room experience no color surfeit.Hints on photo wallpaper murals

Mural ideas for kids of different ages.

In a baby’s room, no very bright and colorful photo wallpaper is welcome, according to the leading USA psychologists. The child will soon start to learn the world that surrounds him or her, so there will be no harm in decorating one wall or the play area with a photographic wallpaper in US baby's room

Toddlers aged 2.5-5 have a much wider range of interests. Feel free to apply mural photo wallpaper with cartoon character if your child is quiet-minded, but opt for a mural art of calm shades if the toddler is very active.

Children aged 5 and older are able to make their own choices when it comes to mural designs. Kids of this age – both boys and girls – very often opt for photo wallpaper that depicts animals.

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