Art For Kids’ Room: Decorations Ideas

Artistic decoration of the kids’ room is a creative and very captivating process, which usually engages all members of the family. When browsing various art ideas, focus your attention on DIY projects – they enable you to express your affection towards the child with the help of paintings, handicrafts, embroideries and applications. Such things will bring your kid much more joy than some store-bought knick knackery. When the child grows older, be sure to find a corner in your home to store some of the soul-stirring small things as a memento. One day, upon finding them, your grown-up son or daughter will beam with joy and gratitude for your parental affection.

Art Project 1: Paintings, Pictures, Drawings.

With a gallery of kid’s paintings on the wall, your son or daughter will be encouraged and motivated to create new “masterpieces,” thus improving his or her skills. Allocate a couple square feet of the wall for placing the drawings, and don’t forget to praise every fruit of your child’s creativity.Gallery of kid's paintings on the wall in USA

Pictures and ornaments painted directly on the wall are an alternative idea. You can create them with your own hands or hire an artist. The main principle lies in choosing a picture that will appear appropriate and harmonious in the interior. Secondly, if it’s possible, let your child select the picture he or she want to see on the wall. The kids’ wishes should be taken into account, as we speak of the part of your home where kids spend most time. Try also to consider the child’s age:

  • for babies, cover the wall with large pictures that are bright and easy to focus attention on; Pictures on wall in kids room
  • for children of 4-7 years, try pictures of cartoon and fairy tale characters;
  • for younger schoolchildren, the wall art in the kids’ room should reflect the hobbies and interests of the room’s occupants.

Art Project 2: On-wall Applications.

Applications are another idea of decorating walls and other surfaces in the kids’ room. It’s a DIY technique that requires a creative approach and is more complicated (and more exciting!) than painting. For an application, you can use virtually any materials that are ready at hand:

  • splash paper;
  • cardboard;
  • pieces of cloth;
  • beads;
  • buttons;
  • wrap paper;
  • artificial and dried flowers.

On-wall applications in the kids' roomImportant note: if your child is 3 years old or younger and your application contains element that imply choking hazard (beads, buttons, etc.), make sure the handicraft item is placed beyond the child’s reach.

Art Project 3: DIY Garlands.

Colorful garlands are the solution applied when all the paintings are done and pictures are hung, but the kids’ room still doesn’t look bright and cheerful. The advantage of garlands lies in being easy-to-make (it’s a pity they’re easy-to-break, too). With such decorations, you can often change the appearance of the room, and when the child doesn’t like these handicrafts anymore, you can throw them away with no regrets and no need to repaint the room.

The simplest garland is made of paper. Cut out a dozen of hearts, pigeons, stars or animals and bead them all on a long thread at small intervals with the help of a needle. Hang the garland on the wall, under the ceiling or use it to decorate the curtain. Fleece garlands are more durable than paper and less dust-capturing. If crocheting is among your hobbies, you could present your child a garland of neat crocheted pieces.garland of crocheted pieces in the kids' room

Side Project: Child’s Name.

The child’s name spelled on the wall with large, bright letters is a charming decoration often boasted by US and UK kids’ room interiors. In addition to visual appeal, this design trick bears practical value: your toddler son or daughter will learn to spell his or her names faster seeing it daily. The letters can be printed on pennants, cut out of cardboard or made of textile and stuffed like toy animals.child's name spelled on the wall

Other Ideas: Interactive Wallpaper, Interior Stickers and more.

Interactive wallpaper is a material for covering the wall surface, on which the child can draw with crayons, felt pens, etc. Such wallpapers are found in home improvement stores or web shops. Some variants can include elements encouraging the child to exercise creativity – like “frames” for the future “pictures.” A less costly idea is to cover the wall with several layers of lusterless paint, where the child will be able to draw something with a piece of chalk.

Vinyl stickers are great at enlivening the kids’ room and instilling a joyful mood. The list possible of themes and motives is virtually endless, from separate stars or butterflies to many-component arrangements that cover a whole wall. Opt for high-quality stickers – while being a bit more expensive, they allow for unsticking and re-sticking without damaging the wallpaper. With that, the room’s character can be changed according to the current interests and mood of the child.Vinyl stickers in the kids' room in USA

Some other ideas of artistic decorations for the kids’ room in USA are:

  • any handicrafts of your child. Allocate a separate shelf for them;
  • hand-made decoupage illustrations on furniture;
  • a genealogical tree. Paint it on the wall and attach photos of family members to the branches;
  • textile decorations – hand-made stuffed toys, or even curtains and plaids.textile decorations in the kids' room

The kids’ room is like a sun-lit island in your house, so discard the fabled strict rules and come up with a design of your own, relying on your your child’s inspiration and creating unique artistic decorations.

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