Is it possible to make a small bedroom bigger than it really is?

What tricks and techniques can help to enlarge a small space and make it cozy? We offer to examine some small bedroom interior design tips, thanks to which you will be able to transform even a tiny space.

  1.  Right color.
    Color effects a lot on the visual space perception. Often lighter shades work on the visual enlarging of square meters, while dark and bright colors even absorb space. But not everyone prefers to live in a sterile white or boring beige room. If you belong to this group of people, then dilute the interior monotony with bright accents. Pick textiles of your favorite colors, place an interesting lamp on a bedside table or decorate a wall with bright posters.
  2. More light.
    Color and light are a great couple. They coexist in the interior side by side. Therefore, except the correct color, also good lighting should be chosen here. First of all, pay attention to windows if they are in the bedroom. Free them from the superfluous items, remove bulky black-out curtains. Replace them with compact Roman blinds. During the day maximum of natural light will come through your windows and at night you will be able to hide your room from the prying eyes of neighbors. Regarding the light sources in the evening, use one or more compact ceiling luminaries. A chandelier with directional light is suitable here for the role of a main light source. Near the bed place sconces or put a small lamp on bedside tables. Additionally, use the furniture back-lighting or usual garlands.
  3. Maximum functionality.
    You need to use every centimeter of space in small bedrooms: under a bed, under a ceiling, above a headboard, in niches, in closets, on window and underneath. A bed on the podium or loft beds are especially good in such rooms. Similar furniture element solves several problems and can be used as a wardrobe. It is better to hide items that you use rarely under ceiling or bed. For favorite books make a narrow open shelf from floor to ceiling. It can be built into one corner of the room. By the way, do not forget about corners, they can be also equipped – make more shelves or set hooks and hang there clothes, shoes or bags.
  4. Mirror deception.
    It is possible visually to expand a small bedroom space with a large mirror from floor to ceiling. If there is no free place to hang this piece of decoration, get a closet with mirrored doors. A mirror located near the window will also make an interior lighter and easier because of the natural light falling on it.
  5.  Compact furniture.
    It is often difficult to find furniture for a small bedroom because a bed, tables and cabinets in a tiny room should be designed ergonomically and concisely. Transparent furniture, all kinds of transformers, multi-functional sets come here for help. A wardrobe in a small bedroom can be equipped with a small closet. However, if you chose a bed in the middle of a room, it is better to use a corner closet. It will advantageously look and save some space.
  6.  Visual tricks.

There are a few tricks that will make your space harmonious and stylish:

  • Thin vertical stripes make a space light and lift the ceiling;
  • Horizontal stripes make the room wider;
  • Use potty patterns on wallpaper, large prints reduce the space;
  • For diverting attention from the uneven walls or any room shortcomings, use combined colors and materials in the finishing;
  • Use popular today geometric shapes in textiles, furniture, wallpaper, lamps. They will make an interior stylish and create the illusion of a broken space;
  • Photo wallpaper may also solve the problem of room tightness.

What styles are perfect for a small bedroom interior?

Sometimes it is really difficult to choose the suitable design for a small bedroom, because US owners do not know what styles are advisable to use and what are unacceptable.

The following interior directions are perfect for a small bedroom interior:

  • Minimalism. The laconic style with minimum of details. It can be used for those who like clear forms, strict proportions and maximum free space. The minimalism style does not tolerate unnecessary details. Therefore, fans of figurines, vases and frill will not obviously fell comfortable themselves with this direction.
  • High tech. In contrast to the minimalism style, high-tech is more functional. It is characterized by the same minimum details. High-tech tends to consist of modern materials – glass, plastic, metal. However, furniture made of wood and leather upholstery may be also acceptable for this style.
  • Provence. French rustic chic that is inherent in this style with the correct approach would be a real decoration of a small bedroom. The main thing – to use minimum of accessories. Curtains with floral print, drawn up according to the rules of Provence, can perfectly decorate a small bedroom. If a bed is placed at a sill, you can use roman or roller blinds made of light materials.
  • Classics. Before you decorate a small bedroom in a classic style, it is worth considering that not all its inherent details can be properly fit the room with a small quadrature. The main background can be white or beige colors and gold decor items. For decorated in such a way space can be suitable Austrian curtains with a small number of assemblies.
  • Shabby-chic. This style includes a great amount of details. A large number of accessories in pastel tones will not harm a small bedroom interior. Shabby-chic is a perfect solution for girls and young ladies.

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