How to start a small library? Make a mini library with these book-storage tricks.

Set up a reading nook. An empty, quiet corner is the perfect space. Make it cozy by placing an upholstered chair, a good lamp, and a side table for your books. Add floor pillows so that your child can join in on the reading, too.

Make a side table out of stacked books. No space to store your large, hardbound books? Stack them up high to create a side table to hold your coffee cup and even more books!

Wrap it. Don’t know what to do with books that you’ve already read? Then wrap them in parchment or butcher’s paper. This will create a neat, uniform look when you arrange them on your bookshelves.

Small library at home design. Recycling trick:

Wallpapered bookcase. Add a pop of color to a plain, white bookcase with wallpaper scraps or gift wrappers. For a quirkier look, you can use old newspaper or magazine pages.

Recycle it

1. Wipe the inside of your bookshelf clean.

2. Lay your wallpaper scrap on the back part of your bookshelf. With a pencil, mark where you should cut the wallpaper.

3. Cut your wallpaper scrap to fit the inside part of the shelf.

4. With spray adhesive (available at school supply stores), spray the surface (and sides, if you wish) of your shelf.

5. Apply your wallpaper onto the back of your shelf. Press down on the paper to smoothen it and prevent bubbles from forming.

If you still want to know what you’re picking out from the shelf, get a silver or gold pen and write the title and author of each book on the spines.

Small library decoration. Use found objects as bookends. Mini library interior design.

Don’t settle for unattractive metal bookends from school supply stores—use found objects or heavy décor like vases and figurines to hold books in place. You can also stack similar sized books horizontally and use them as well.

Create a library table.

Pick a large coffee table or round center table. Choose beautiful design and art books (grouped by theme), and neatly stack them on top of the table. Top off the stacks with decorative accessories, and add a potted plant at the center.

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